Why can't I get an A .

  1. I got my test results back for our third test and I got an 82% which is really making me upset. The first test I got an 85% now the second test I did EXTREMELY horrible I got a 68% but that was my fault because 1)I could not find my notes on one section (found them after I took the test though) and two I did not study as much because that was right around the time both me and my daughter was sick. I am just so frustrated with the 85 and the 82 both are B's. I feel for the amount of time I be studying I should be getting A's and it is really upsetting me that I can't get the A's. Most of you know that I want to go to grad school. That is the main reason why I am so anal about getting good grades. Many of my classmates say they don't care what they get, well most of them are not thinking about grad school and that is fine. I have several reasons for wanting to go to grad school. I am so glad spring break is next week. On friday at 12:00pm this week, I am breathing a sigh of relief it will be spring break time (Well, actually I well be doing a little studying) but I will be doing some serious resting too.

    Well, thanks for listening to me vent. I really needed to blow some steam out.
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  3. by   TCW
    Hi Tonya,

    You must have read my mind. I keep coming so close to an "A", but never quite making it. I get so mad at myself when I see I was 2 or 3 points away from it. I want to go to grad school as well so I understand your frustrations.

  4. by   fnimat1
    I know what you mean. In my A & P 1 class....I got an 87 on the 2 tests that we've taken so far. I do know that I could've done better. I didn't put as much study time in as I used to. I really plan to be a little more disciplined when it comes to my studying.... ....lol..

    "RN 2B from Jersey"
  5. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Hey Tonya!,
    I lived in K.C. for ten years. I did route work for Cains coffee.
    I loved the snow removal crews on the Kansas side! Here in Baltimore they really haven't got a clue. It barely snowed but they couldn't get it done. I miss golfing at Minor park too.

    I don't know what your study technique involves but I use a flashcard system. 3x5 cards that reflect the questions that my instructors seem to think are important.
    For example, if they spend time in class going over something more intensely and making sure everybody doesn't have any questions then that's a dead giveaway. Asking point blank what's important for the exam out of the material being covered so you can focus on really learning the material.

    Anyway it sounds like your putting in maximal effort but you just need to tweak your method.
    Write questions on your flashcards that you think reflect the instructors own thinking.
    Make them difficult, but not impossible. Write yourself hints under the questions if you think it'll help at first.
    File them by chapter or topic in a card file for use at the final.
    Continualy compare them to the textbook and your study guide and clarify hazy concepts with your instructors so you can write better questions than they can!

    Get the flashcard questions done before the topic is covered in class.
    Your advantage is that you have already uncovered the basic concepts(you have to in order to write good test questions) and you are free in lecture to explore deeper meanings and ask good questions so you can write even better more meaningful flashcards.
    Always have the flashcards handy for impromptu study sessions.

    Master the flashcards and in turn, master the tests.

    You may find it difficult at first but it will pay off big time to write good test questions yourself.

  6. by   moni rn

    why do we do this to ourselves? i completely understand what you are going through, and i am so sorry that you are going through it. it is a horrible feeling.

    my ultimate goal is to become a crna and getting into a master's program is highly competitive. a 4.0 is pretty much what you need to get in. so far, on my 2 foundations' tests, i made two 90s (94 - 100 is an a). both were the highest grades in the class, but they were not a's. i was almost in tears! i have 2 more tests to boost my overall grade.

    how many more tests do you have? any more quizzes? projects? etc? i am sure you will have plenty of chances to boost your grades!

    good luck! best wishes!
  7. by   crnasomeday
    rn2bmoni, try not to stress too hard over those A's. I'm getting ready to graduate in May, and I've spent the last 3 1/2 years working my booty off to keep up those grades up for the same reason you are...aiming for that anesthesia program. I'm really happy with my GPA, but I know lots of people who've been accepted to one of the three different anesthesia programs in this area who don't have those kind of marks. I've just point blank asked a lot of them, not to be rude, but just because I wanted to know what kind of chance I'll have for getting accepted. Many of them had between 3.5-3.75.

    There are other things that will really matter a lot when you apply for an anesthetist program, like your letters of recommendation and the type of experience you have. Additionally, your grades in the hard sciences will matter a lot, so take A&P, chem, physics, even pharm, etc. very seriously.

    Don't stress though moni....you're very bright, and I'm sure you'll make it!
  8. by   nursedawn67
    I understand what you are going through, but please do "stress" over it, it won't help just take a deep breath and try to figure out what could help in your studying or is it a test anxiety thing? I have found that most people who stress do worse on the test even though they know the stuff backwards and forwards. Take care