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Ok, I'm a bit frustrated with all of these posts telling us that we shouldn't go into nursing because we need a job and steady income. Sure, I do like to help people, but I need a steady job even... Read More

  1. by   manofletters
    I went into nursing for income/security/benefits...that's it. Not for greed, but to take care of my stay-at-home wife and children. What could be more honorable than that? I don't give a hoot about myself. If I could have the same opportunity slaughtering pigs all day, I would do it. When my wife cries because she has to work, when she can't have children because we don't have insurance, and to have some kind of retirement so I won't be a burden to my kids when they reach adulthood, nothing, not even a passion for nursing, could set my soul on fire as much. I will be the best darn nurse out there because of the same dedication that would cause me to die for them.

    So, having said that, I have discovered I love nursing...bonus.
  2. by   Paleobug
    I could never slaughter pigs all day, not even just one. Anyway, it's much nicer to make a difference in nursing, then to work just to make some corporate giant rich.
  3. by   lisabeth
    It all started while I was taking care of my mom before she died. She had lung cancer and I moved back in to help take care of her. I really feel a passion for helping other people, and I always have. I just didnt know in what way. I know I can make a descent living at it. I know I will be putting my daughter through college by myself, and I want to be able to do that without my ex's lousy money.
    I have had several people say I would make a good one, so I cant help think this is the direction I need to take. I know it will be really tough, but I want this really bad.
    I think with the support of this group and the way nurses seem to band together, it will be much easier.
  4. by   dbyrd3155
    For me nursing is about making a difference in someone's day. Going to a job that is going to constantly expand my mind with new information is exciting. Money for me is secondary to having a job that will make a difference in someone's life. I love to make people smile even when they feel their worst or listen when they need someone to talk to. So that is what nursing is to me!
  5. by   Future_Nurse_Natalie
    A couple of reasons...I am a natural caregiver. I love taking care of people and I love making them smile even tho they want to complain. Also because of my inspirations: Shawn, a friend who comitted suicide at age 17 when I was 15. He was a very good friend of mine whom I loved dearly. Jenny, a friend with Cystic Fibrosis who passed away 3 years ago. I watched her struggle and it was heartbreaking but to go in and see her joke around and practically break my arm so I would get her a snickers gave me more insight. Macy Jane and Livvy are 2 family members of mine and I was there for many hours while their moms were in labor with them. The money is great but by all means not my main focus. For all those interested in the money and job security just remember the role of the nurse: caregiver!!!! Please do not stray from this! Too many nurses do!
  6. by   selulion
    Whe I was a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian. Somewhere along the way, I realized it was almost impossible to get into vet school. When I started college, I was a Psych major. When I got pregnant with my son, I quit school. When he was almost 3, I decided I had to make a better life for him. I needed an education. I went back to school and changed my major to nursing. Two months later I got pregnant with my daughter. I did not quit school, however. When my daughter was 4 months old, we discovered she had a heart defect which required immediate surgical repair. I still stayed in school while sleeping at the hospital with my daughter fo a month. She is 13 months old now and doing fine. I want to be a nurse to learn as much as possible. I want my kids to look to me as a source of strength. I want to make a difference in the lives of others. I want my kids to have a bright future. I believe nursing will accomplish all of this. There are many reasons I chose to be a nurse, none more important than the others.
  7. by   xrayrn
    Because I want to be happy...finally.

    I have been miserable, unchallenged, and just plain broke and I am tired of it. I want to be a nurse because I want to work in the ER (where the action is - ha ha) ..I have worked in the medical field for over ten years now and my favorite part has always been interacting with the ER staff, nurses especially. They are truly like a family most places I've been and though the work is difficult at times and fast paced, there's nowhere I'd rather be. Also, I would like to get a degree in social work also and use them together in the ER possibly, or who knows? The possibilities are endless with nursing...and that's that.
    Oh, and the money doesn't hurt! However, doing what I do, I make the same amount as most nurses so (as I have found out the hard way) money can never make you truly happy.
  8. by   AnnieJac
    I need a study paycheck, but I also want to help people and enjoy people. My clinicals showed me that. I had an elderly gentleman that had so many problems and was bed ridden and depressed. They started having him see a "shrink". He never smiled. My second day, I was working with him, and I said something, and he smiled. That made it all worth it and made me realize this is the profession for me. Just to see him smile. And we talked. I don't like seeing people in pain, but if I can help in any little way, or bring a smile to there face, its worth it. And yes, the paycheck will be wonderful! LOL!
  9. by   PAROPPY
    Steady job, great income, benefits, helping people in a field that you love, and being able to start a family without missing a beat are all reasons why I want to be a nurse. I love medicine and I love to help people but I don't know if I would be doing this is if I was making 15,000 a year.
  10. by   Reesa23
    I'm going on my 13th year as a CNA. This is all I know. I'd miss the people. I've done ALOT with my CNA but I love the hospital atmosphere. I admit it's not the same as it was, but I'd still do it part time even if it payed crap.
  11. by   NaomieRN
    I am going into nursing for many reasons. I have a non-profit organization in my country in the Caribbean, where I would like to volunteer and help the needy. I am also planning to get out of Connecticut and move somewhere in the South. Nursing is one of the best area, that would allowed me to find a job with no problem. I am also a people's person, I love people in general, does not matter, if they poor, rich, different races, personalities etc. Lastly, so many different areas of nursing that I can work, hospital, nursing home, homecare, psych, Dr's office, so many options to choose from.
  12. by   widow2RN
    I'm about to start my 4th semester in an ADN nursing program. Why did I choose nursing? I was a stay-at-home mom per choice. My husband died at age 40 (I was 38 at the time) from lung cancer. I live in a small town and in a county with very few job opportunities. I was 40 at the time I first started college. I needed a career that had the least "age-discrimination" with the best paying-opportunity to support my children. Me? I never personally grew up wanting to be a nurse. When younger... my dreams or ideals was probably more in psychology or becoming a "best seller" author. But now... I'm practical-minded and chosing my career via what is best available to me educational-wise as well as location-wise. Call me one who believes in the notion of becoming a great nurse albeit I never felt the "calling" or the "life-long dream." For me... I'm one who believes that any of us can be the best at whatever we CHOOSE to go into. Does this mean that nursing was my life-long dream? No.... but, now that I'm here and choosing it... I DO believe and CHOOSE to be the BEST at what I am becoming. Sometimes we don't find a career based on childhood desires... sometimes we find a career based on need and opportunity. But, we ALL have the choice of becoming the BEST at what we choose... or what life may direct us towards. As the old saying goes.... when life dishes out to you lemons.... make lemonaid!... That's what I'm doing...
  13. by   AussieKylie
    * Have always been interested in nursing, wanting to care for people. Like to learn about the human anatomy and physiology, even though some parts are a bit too much for me to understand. I hope in time I will get the idea. Also want to be established with a career, earning a decent pay check.