Who will be a first year nursing student in the fall? What are the classes?

  1. Hey first year nursing students, I'm starting in the fall and can't wait. I feel like I'm finally accomplishing something. I getting tired of all those pre-req's specially chem.
    These are the following classes I will be taking in the fall:
    Health assessment, Pathophysiology/pharmacology, Intro to nursing and Nutrition.
    What will your hectic schedule be?
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  3. by   nynurse2b
    Going into my second nursing semester this fall...but it was not too long ago that I too was in Nursing 101..It goes by really fast!!! It is alot of work but you can do it..I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned in just one semester!!! It has been both an amazing and trying semester. Open yourself up for a different way of learning. Nursing is not just knowing and memorizing facts, its about learning to think and put your knowledge to work. Good luck to you and keep me posted on your new journey!!
  4. by   nursebucky
    I will I will!!!!

    Our curriculum has changed at the school I attend in Atlanta.
    We take 4 nursing classes, one each semester. They are worth 7 credit hours. We no longer need Chemistry. I took it already, though so I figure I can use it for my BSN.

    Our course is one class with three topics, Fundamentals, Pharmacology, etc. Last month I was scared, this month, I am excited, and next month I will be resigning from work and by August who knows how I will be acting.

    I have been proactive in buying all my books ahead of time ($400) and the nurse pac, along with the uniforms. I also had to go get extra shots and turned in the medical form.

    I'm anxious.

  5. by   boopchick
    I'm an LPN starting my first semester of RN classes this september. My fall semester will be relatively light. I'm taking my last prereq class this summer (microbiology) I just have to take two classes...Nursing Issues and Trends & Transition to A.D. Nursing. LPNs don't have to take NUR 101. (One less class to take!)
  6. by   colleen10
    Hi there,

    I start Clinicals this Fall and am very nervous/excited!

    I have completed all my pre and co-requisites ahead of time so all I have to do for the next two years is concentrate on my nursing classes.

    I'm pretty much done with all the extra stuff you have to get done in advance like vaccinations, physical, CPR, etc. although the very last thing I am waiting on is my CPR card. If I ever get that thing in the mail and turn it in I'll be ready to go!

    I though I would prep myself a little during the summer so I just bought an Echo Heron book and a Study Guide for beginning nurses.
  7. by   fnimat1
    I'm hoping to get accepted for the Fall 2203 semester at my college. Being that I took all the pre-req's required for nursing when I was an early childhood education major (and then some ) I only have to take nursing courses. So according to the fall schedule...I only have to take Nursing 107...6 credits (which is split up into 4 sections...Lecture, Lab, Tutorial and Clinical) and Medical Math 116 (only 1 credit). But I have to attend school full-time in order to get assistance for childcare...so I may take nutrition or photography or something....lol. But again I won't know if I'm accepted until around June 15th....

  8. by   fnimat1
    Oh, I forgot to mention that I 'm also registered for A & P 2 for Fall on M & W evenings....I hope I can handle it....lol

  9. by   RN2BTam
    If I get accepted... (I should know by the 2nd week of June), I will start the ADN Program this fall. The first semester is 8 hours, but it is broken down into two 8-week mini-semesters. The classes are 1) Foundation for Nursing, 2) Intermediate Nursing Skills, 3) Health Assessment, and 4) Intro to Clinical Nursing. I can't wait! Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   LeesieBug
    (If I ever get my acceptance letter) I will be taking Foundations of Nursing Practice I, Professional Role Development, Statistics, and Effective Oral Communication. That should keep me busy!

    I am going to go bonkers if they don't hurry up and send out acceptance letters. The mail man is going to be on my hit list if he does not have a nice thick envelope for me by the end of the week!
  11. by   giftedRN
    Ha ha ha, I am supposed to start the ADN program in fall too. I am waiting on my letter although I was told that I am accepted. As with some of you here, I have taken all my prerequisites and corequisites classes and only have the nursing classes to contend with. I will be taking the following for the first semester;

    Introduction to basic health needs-----8 credits.

    I have to be enrolled full-time so I am not quite sure how they are going to work out the rest of the classes for me.

  12. by   JudithL_in_NH
    I'm registered to start my ADN program in the Fall.

    We, as well, don't have the nursing classes broken into separate disciplines (like pharmacology or nutrition); the nursing classes integrate all the different disciplines. We have four semesters of nursing: Nursing I, II, III, IV, and each course is worth nine credits.

    Nursing I has two lecture sessions, a lab prep session, a day in lab, and a day of clinical. The subsequent nursing semesters have a similar breakdown of classes, but with two clinical days.

    In addition to Nursing I this fall, I'll be in a three credit human development course. Luckily, I got into the one online section, so I won't have to make it to campus to attend that class.
  13. by   Gampopa
    I'll be starting a ND program this fall, Mon. Aug. 25! I'm just a little excited about it:wink2: We'll be taking 9hrs. Pathophysiology, Intro. to Health Assesment, Philos. and Ethics of Human Caring. This summer I'll be finishing up my prereqs: Human Physio. and Intro. to Statistics This is a really, really, big change for me and I can hardly believe I'm doing it:chuckle Good luck to everyone!
  14. by   cheripa
    I got my letter a few weeks ago! I'm take A & P II, chemistry, and algebra this summer. In the fall I'll start nursing 101 and I have to take yet another psycology class. Talk about a lot of coffee! Plus my Hubby and I are in the procces of moving! My boss thinks I'm crazy! But, I can do it! I believe in myself!


    I really need to lay off the coffee!