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You know, sometimes I wonder what kind of people my fellow nursing students were when they were in high school! We have the same career choice, but how close do we resemble in personalities? For... Read More

  1. by   Skips
    I was the quiet one.

    ........but that hasn't really changed. xD
  2. by   Skips
    Quote from bear14
    I was the headbanger into long haired guys. Ironically my husband is bald. I wanted to be a rock star.
    I liked long-haired metalheads in high school....and I love that type of music myself...then I ended up marrying someone with short hair, who hates metal. xD I love it.
  3. by   pnkgirl25
    Quote from nurseywifeymommy1
    Popular, skipped school to go shopping in the city with my friends. Never had to study to pass but if I wanted an A I'd study- but that was rare. I was there to socialize. I'd come home on time then jump out my window and meet up with friends or part my car at the end of the driveway so my mom wouldn't hear my starting my car!! Fun times!
    Oh the parking the car at the end of the block trick lol...I pulled that many of times. I know every trick in the book. When my daughter gets older she will have bars on her windows and the car will have a GPS tracking system lol. Poor kid lol
  4. by   bear14
    I wonder if they'll ever come out with an app where you micro chip your teenagers and then track them anywhere?? Is that wrong??
  5. by   tyvin
    I hung out with the wanna be hippie crowd. We were too young to be hippies so we wore beads and peace signs with hiphugger bellbottom jeans. Was a track star into high jump, broad jump. Did intramural volley ball (server), and basketball (center). As a female I was 5'10" by the 6th grade and earned the name jolly green giant. My true passion was art and the art teacher hung my work all over the school. Dropped out in the 10th grade to move with my step-mom then went and got my GED. What would have been my graduating class has a Facebook page where we hang and find out what everyone's doing. 
  6. by   SwampCat
    I was the stoner girl that worked the fire department and hung out with 30+ year old men.
    I skipped class all the time, walked out of class because of being bored, spent many weeks in in-school suspension. Graduated by the skin of my teeth, but didn't care. I was all about having fun... and I had tons of it!

    Then was married at 19, had a baby by 21 and decided to pursue nursing at 26.

    I guess when it was time to grow up, I grew up quick.
  7. by   nihaojailan
    The socially awkward dork who preferred to read books than party out. None of that really changed up to today. Lol.

    ...but we all know that when we're on the floor, gotta put the nursing hat on and be a social butterly..
  8. by   Bouncyball
    I was the stoner weirdo who always skipped class. I was always doing crazy things but was lucky enough to have never been caught. So glad I got that out of my system while I was a minor. Now I am the opposite.
  9. by   DoeRN
    I was the cool jazz saxophonist that wore shades (that's what we called them back then) when I could get away with it. I didn't hang around a lot of the female students. My 2 best friends were males. I was laid back and would try to seem like I didn't care about school. I was also a closet nerd lol. I can't even tell you how many books I would read in my spare time. But of course I had to hide that fact and the fact that I got really good grades. But unfortunately it came out when I was one of the class valedictorians. Darn it my secret was revealed. I wanted to become a doctor and hid this too. I went to an out of state college so I could be a nerd and not care.
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  10. by   diamondmae
  11. by   WoundedBird
    I was a jock (soccer, basketball, softball, and student athletic trainer aide) with the UN of friends (Jamaican, British, Jewish, Catholic, Pagan, theater geek...) who was set on becoming an athletic trainer at the high school level. I reached that goal and spent the past ~5yrs at the HS / youth sports level where I realized that I love the first responder and the patch 'em up and send them on aspect immensely more than the rehab and treatment aspect and that's my driving force to become a trauma / ED / CC nurse and eventually make it onto a helicopter.
  12. by   SunshineDaisy
    Hmm, who was I...I was friends with everyone, from all different cliques. Always friendly and happy and goofy. I loved my art classes. I wanted to be a comedian or sports therapist. Would rather hang out with my friends then go out with boys. I was shy around the boys i liked. I didn't come out of my shell around guys until after high school, then ended up a big ol' flirt! Nursing didn't cross my mind till years later!
  13. by   TitleTownRN
    I was the class clown that failed an entire year dang near finding out I was going to graduate the day before I walked with about a 2.30 GPA. Yeah I pretty much hated high school and it showed. . .