Who still has to take their NET?

  1. I feel like my school is soooo backwards sometimes. They hav e3 NET exams scheduled for prospective nursing students for the Fall 2003 program. One is happening right now as we speak, the next one will be on May 1st...and they re-scheduled the May 9th test date to Sat. May 17th....so I went to my school and had to take this one. I guess it's for the best though...that gives me more study time....hehehehehe. This year my college changed the requirements for admission....you have to score a 50th percentile or better in order to be considered for admission...

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  3. by   AmyLiz
    I'll be taking the pre-admission exam (ours is called the PAX-RN) this summer. I have to wait until my chemistry grades are posted from this quarter, so can't take it earlier.

    I don't think it'll be too difficult. I looked through a test-prep book & I think I'll do fine. Our school library keeps old exams on file, so I'll go there soon & make copies & study from those.
  4. by   ctyler98
    I don't take it until Jan. 2004. I still have a little ways...lol. But at least I will be able to study waaay in advance.
  5. by   Jennerizer
    At my school you can take the NET whenever you want & as many times as you want. Word of advice...know your fractions!!! Good luck!
  6. by   carlalogan
    For those of you who have time to study, there is a web site where you can order a NET study guide from the company that makes the test. I don't know the web address but you order it through Educational Resources, Inc. I did and it helped tremendously...especially on the math portion of the test. Just FYI!
  7. by   allthingsbright
    I just took my net monday and my composite score was 79%. Not too hot, but I have been out of school for 12 years so my math was a bit rusty. Passing is 50% and average is 64% according to my test. Our school expects something different tho: We can only take the NET twice-we have to have a 71% in math and a 61% in reading to pass. I was so relieved to pass on my 1st time. After the second try you can NEVER get into the program at our school-you have to bridge or something.

    Know your fractions, basic algerbra, and reading comprehension. There were lots of fractions on the test and that's a weak point for me. I used some study guides from half.com and found them to be really helpful in refreshing my math, but I still kinda stink in that area!

    Good luck,