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OK, maybe I'm a geek, but I LOVE nursing school!! (Mind you, I'm just finished week 3) I love going every day. I love all of my classes (well, I could handle not having communications!!). I... Read More

  1. by   KyPinkRN
    I'm loving it now... only 10 more weeks til graduation!!!
  2. by   Italia13 RN
    I dont know if I love it that much... Its has its moments just like anything else... The one thing I do LOVE about nursing school is the friends that i have made through it, theses girls are the only people that know exactly what I am going through and I can talk to them about anything.. I Love how we all want to see each other pass and will do anything to help one another get through to the next semester!! I know the many close friends I have will be my friends for LIFE.. other than that I GRADUATE IN 8 MONTHS and I am ready to start my career as a REGISTERED NURSE!!! Good Luck to everyone this YEAR!
  3. by   danh3190
    I have to say I love nursing school (in 4th semester of 6 in a two year program). However I haven't loved it all the time.

    As I've read other threads I've come to the conclusion that I'm pretty lucky as far as the instructors and even the nurses at the hospitals. I hope my luck continues for 9 more months!
  4. by   liltweedy03
    I am loving school as well. It is my first semester in clinical rotation and I am having a blast. Well, maybe because we have not gone to the hospital yet. But in lab, I am learning so much but my teacher is the best and is making things simple for us to understand. I so not really care for my Health Assessment class, probably because the teacher is not good.
  5. by   jodi_m
    i'm also loving nursing school....even though i failed the first test i brought my score up with the second exam :spin:....... Is any one else having to put in 20 hrs or more a week in studying outside of classes? i
  6. by   natrgrrl
    Quote from jodi_m
    Is any one else having to put in 20 hrs or more a week in studying outside of classes? i
    I think I average about 3-5 hours of study time per day every day. When I have a test, it's all day studying on Sunday.
  7. by   MB37
    I put in at least that much, as long as you define "studying" like I do - reading, doing assignments, etc.
  8. by   Mexarican
    No Doubt!!! I love it too!! It is a lot of work but i love the new experiences. Some students are apprehensive and scared especially in clinical, which is totally normal but i always tell them to be excited..."learn by doing", it doesn't get anymore exciting than that. It reminds me of my favorite show, SCRUBS, which i haven't been able to watch lately. It's one of the early early shows when 'Dorian' is very apprehensive about everything he's expected to know AND do and his best friend 'Turk' who later on reveals he's also scared has the attitude of "learn by doing" and because of that you see him through out the show diving into every chance he can get to get his 'hands dirty', quite literally, even though inside he's also scared and unsure of himself! I love that show. When nursing school was about to start, back in August, i started to feel nervous and i was lucky enough that they showed the reruns of the first season at just the right time. That show set my mind right and pumped me up soooo much!! I went from being apprehensive to start to being excited and impatient to start. That's going to be my nursing school motto, "learn by doing!"
  9. by   pinkiepie_RN
    I can honestly say that even though it's ALOT of work and I definitely need to adjust to having to study more and read smart, I LOVE nursing school. I'm excited to get my uniform and officially start clinical. I'm just really motivated because it's no longer just pre-reqs! It all blends together and I'm learning things to prepare me for getting out there in the workforce two years from now. Every stumble or mistake I make, I ask myself - "How can I learn from this?" or "What did I do wrong, and how do I fix it?"
  10. by   GeauxNursing
    Yea, I am liking school pretty much. I'm in an LVN program, so it seems that the "powers that be" seem to assume we will be going into LTC, since that is what LVN's do. Well, I am not going into LTC. In our Fun class(fundamentals) we have done the bed baths, and the positioning in bed and the peri-care and the ambulatory aids, etc. Is this a general "every nurse must learn" thing, or is it just an LVN thing? We will not be learning blood draws or IV insertion, this came as a shock to some of us the other day. But those of us who already work in medical know venipuncture and blood draws.
    How are the grades spreading out in everyones A/P classes? WE are going into our 3rd test this week, and at leat half of the class is failing. Like, big time failing, 60' and 70's. I personally have a 95 average, but I think everyone else is fallling waaay behind. We only have class 3xs a week, and already a couple ppl are habitually late, or just absent altogether.
    But yes, i like nursing school. I hate bed baths. 15 1/4 months to go!
  11. by   MissT75
    I'm feelin the love here people! It's fantastic! I must say, I love nursing school too. Even though there are days when I ask myself *** i'm doing there...then I feel the gratitude from someone I've done something as simple as getting a pillow or washing their face and I remember all over again...

    this has been my goal for many years and I love that I am here and so close to being done with school. Keep the love alive!