Who do you think of to get you through?

  1. When the hard times come, in school and out, who do you think of to get you through?
    I think of my Mom...
    She's a beautiful, strong woman who has always been there for me. Through anything and everything. I know I can always call and ask her advice about anything, including school. And I knew, deep in my heart, that I would wade through knee deep **** to become a nurse, when I saw the look on my Mothers face when I told her I was back in college. She is my heart! I love you Mom!:kiss

    I think of my children...
    who deserve more than what I can give on my factory pay job. They stand by me, ready with hugs and kisses whenever I am feeling low and am ready to say, "to heck with this!". They are always ready to lend a hand in housework or just to snuggle on, and most important of all...they are always ready with an "I love you Mom!" (For me!):angel2:

    And I think of me...
    Of how hard I have worked to get this far, and how far I can continue to go if I only keep faith in myself and in my God.

    So....who do you think of when the going gets rough?

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  3. by   micro
    I think of myself. And I remind myself of what I want and what is ahead. Strength comes from within and from all that you have experienced. As well of all that is to come. I am first.
  4. by   RNIAM
    Just the thought that I can't look back. I need to go forward. I get so scared sometimes. I pray alot. I pray all the time, for strenght, courage(I need alot of that!) and fatih ,that threw him all things are possible. For me God and my family are my strenght.
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i have grown in my faith and realize with god, all things are possible. when i get down about school, i am starting to be reminder of how i quit my job, took care of then a 10 yo, 3 yo and an 1 yo, drove an hour one way to school and survived lpn school. i am standing on the promises of god for the same assurance while i embark upon my rn.

    julie, i see you have only 4 more days to go ! i remember the feeling when i was winding down when i was in lpn school.

    much continued success to you!
  6. by   dianthe1013
    I think about my boyfriend, and the fact that I have planned not to get married until after graduation. Dating gets really old after a while!

    Seriously, though. It always makes the work seem more manageable if I can just say, "Okay, this brings me one more step towards being DONE."

  7. by   DebsZoo
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  8. by   babynursewannab
    I think of those who have sacrificed for me to do this. I also think of how incredibly I have done in accomplishing all of this so far.
    I just need to go a little further, a little further...
  9. by   babynursewannab
    oops didn't mean to hit submit button.

    Mostly, I think of my son, Thomas, who died at 3 1/2 months from SIDS. He is my driving force behind wanting to do this...and do it well. I know he is watching and I want him to be proud when I help other mothers and fathers with their babies.
  10. by   live4today
    First and foremost......I think of my Heavenly Father...my Daddy...who is always with me no matter the circumstance or situation in my life. :kiss

    Secondly......I think of my maternal grandmother who gave so much love, compassion, strength, instruction in word and example, and the best hugs on earth during her life. I think of her in her absence of this life, and feel her spirit with me always. :kiss

    Thirdly, my children.....my grandchildren.....they give me a reason to live beyond the pain in my own life. Through them......because of them......I learned how to love and be loved. :kiss
  11. by   Robin61970
    I think of my husband and how much he is willing to sacrifice for me to go to school and how much he supports what I am doing.......
  12. by   GPatty
    I'm sorry about your loss, but I can honestly say that I believe your son is very proud of his Mommy.....
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by babynursewannab
    oops didn't mean to hit submit button.

    mostly, i think of my son, thomas, who died at 3 1/2 months from sids. he is my driving force behind wanting to do this...and do it well. i know he is watching and i want him to be proud when i help other mothers and fathers with their babies.
    i am sorry to hear of your lost. ((((((hugs))))))
  14. by   peaceful2100
    The people I think of is first and foremost the man up above (God) I really believe in philippians 4:13.

    Secondly, My daughter. She has given me the strength I need when the going gets tough. All I have to do is look into her precious little eyes and get extra motivation for her.

    Third, My parents they have been supportive through it all. Without them I don't think I would be graduating in May 2003.

    Fourth, a author, daytime talk show host, and motivationa/inspirational speaker by the name of Iylana Vanzant. She has written about 10 books and I have 8 of them. She gives me lots and lots of inspiration because she was a high school drop out, she had her first baby by her 16th birthday, two more by her 21st birthday and had left an abusive relationship. She reminds me so much of myself. I did not drop out of high school but I had my daughter at 17 and left an abusive relationship too. Iylana went on to college AND law school, she met the man of her dreams and married him and successfully raised all of her children. She is quite a powerful woman today!

    Last but not least my nursing advisor. She had total faith in me and she saved me from totally dropping out of nursing school during the middle of my first semester when I was having a really tough time and she gave me some wonderful advice.