When will you remove your fake nails?

  1. I think I am going to go ahead and have the acrylic overlay taken off my nails this weekend....WISH ME LUCK...:roll
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  3. by   chiefswife
    I'm going to have mine taken off after the 14th. I want my hands to look good for the Army Ball.
  4. by   PowerPuffGirl
    I had mine removed about 3 months before classes began, so that my nails had time to grow out any damage.

    And let me tell you, I miss 'em!
  5. by   happystudent
    Good job !

    Tanks for removing thoses nails. Your pts will be healthier because of you doing that.

  6. by   nursebucky
    *taking a deep breath* today is the big day. I am having them removed.
  7. by   redwinggirlie
    Our orientation to begin nursing school stressed that anyone with fake nails had to remove them before even starting clinicals. That was a good move ... too many possiblities for pt damage! Good for you!
  8. by   teeituptom
    I just never grew any or had any fakes either Im not the type
  9. by   Jen2
    Hi! Just wanted to stress on the importance on removing fake nails and keeping real ones under 1/4 inch long. We actually had a meeting about this by infection control at the hospital where I work. In the pamphlet we recieved, it stated that in a Chicago hospital there were 14 babies that had died and some of the nurses all had the same bacteria under their nails (fake and real), that the babies died from. I'm not sure on exact numbers because I no longer have the pamphlet but I must say I was shocked. Went home that day and cut mine off, just as they were getting really nice. It's a small sacrifice to make.
  10. by   maire
    My nails have always been short. I tried the whole acrylic nails thing but couldn't do diddly squat without breaking them so said the heck with it.
  11. by   chiefswife

    Are you okay? I totally feel for you! I had mine taken off for Lent and then put back on (knowing full well I had to remove them for school). Like I said in my earlier post, I have to look good for the Army Ball, so I'll have them removed in early to mid July.

    You know, there are support groups for people who are trying to quit smoking and for people who are dieting, maybe we should form a support group for those of us who have to take off our nails! :roll What do ya think?
  12. by   nursebucky
    Sara, it is horrible, but I would do anything for nursing.
    I started wearing them when I was in the military (back in 1991) and then when I got married and saw the huge ring my hubby picked out, I became fantical about keeping my hands pretty.

    Oh well....they are off now, and I typed this message in 5 seconds.

    A support group is definitely what I need right now.
  13. by   nursing 101
    Well I don't have any fake ones. Mine are real and believe me that is going to be one of the hardest things to do. I always bright nail polish on and very long nails. Let's just say everyone admired them but in August I will have to part with them. My other problem is from them being so long for the longest time I can ever remember I sort of grew some skin. They hurt really bad when I break a nail. I don't think I will be able to cut them down to a 1/4 inch long.
  14. by   SC RN
    My suggestion ... take them off as soon as you can because it takes weeks, even months, for them to get stronger. The first few weeks were HORRIBLE for me .. making beds, reaching into my purse, scratching an itch ... it all HURT! It's been about two months now and I'm just getting used to them ... and they still have a long way to go!

    Good Luck!