When Do You Start School?

  1. Just wondering when everyone's first day is....Mine is Aug. 26

    I wonder if there will be a decrease in the activity, or if it will turn to "help" posts.... lol

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  3. by   Ortho_RN

    I start on Aug. 19th... 2nd semester
  4. by   Unequaledbeauty
    Hey Nycole,

    Classes begin for me on Aug 22th. It is my first official semester (although we started in the summer it doesn't really count) I know I will probably be one of the main people posting questions & asking you guys for help. I am going to be a nervous reck in the fall :roll

    P.S. I like the way you spell your name... It's different & unique

  5. by   nursing 101
    I start on Monday 26th... And I'll still post as I will probably have questions on Anatomy...
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    august 26 will be the first day of classes for me. i don't know how often or to how many different threads, but i will post.
  7. by   studentdeb
    My first day of classes are August 19th. I hope I get some posts in as well. I know it will be crazy for awhile.

    Good luck to everyone!!!!
  8. by   Mkue
    i start monday august 5th, really excited !!! clinicals start in sept.

  9. by   debralynn
    I'm with Mkue! I too start Monday Aug. 5th. I have been wondering if we will have time to post! I sure hope so! I'm sure I will have thousands of questions!!!!
  10. by   shanzo89
    My classes start Aug. 26th, as well. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time!!
  11. by   nursestudent
    I start classes August 19th. BTW, I like your quote, Shannon. :-)

  12. by   Forevermomof5
    Wow! You guys all start so early! We don't start until September 3rd. I guess that might be that we are just finishing up our summer classes on Wednesday.

    It'll be nice to have a couple weeks. As for me and posting...this is my zone out time after the kids go to bed.:stone I feel this is what I look like! like a stone face!
  13. by   dianacs
    Looks like I've got the latest start date so far--September 4th! Good luck to all.
  14. by   debrakaye
    I register for the lpn program on Aug 19th and classes start the 21st. I'm so nervous about being in school again, it's been forever, but really excited too. This site is wonderful, I've been "lurking" for weeks and am totally addicted!