What was the hardest course youve taken? - page 5

Of all the classes you've taken, which was the hardest? and what helped you to pass it? Determination? Hard work? Encouragement? Luckily, you passed that specific class! Both Nursing and Pre-nursing... Read More

  1. by   missdirection928
    Pre-nursing - Communications. Still working on my therapeutic communication as we speak.

    Nursing - BSN program I am in consists of a Community/OB semester. No desire whatsoever to work in either of these fields. It made it very challenging to force myself to study and stay motivated. I managed to survive. I would also have to add the Evidence Based Practice class. I'm not a research guru, not even close.

    One more semester!
  2. by   ER(notso)n00b
    So far, it was Med-surg 2. The instructor was awful. She wouldn't tell us which chapters to read, and would lecture on one thing but then test us on something completely different. I barely scraped by with a B. I don't even know my percentage grade because she refused to post grades. I studied my butt off and tried to learn as much as I could, and I am grateful I survived it.
  3. by   TitleTownRN
    Chemistry was the worst semester of my freaking life! That's actually why I chose to just get my ADN instead of BSN because I didn't want to take another semester of chem it was absolutely horrible!
  4. by   MedChica
    Pharmacology. The class wasn't hard. The instructor just sucked. Instead of teaching us to learn by grouping, body system and prefix/suffixes? She had us learning one med at a time and just lectured out of the book. She tested on obscure meds in the book that had little to do with NCLEX, the classes or what's commonly used in the field.
    She wasn't trying to teach. She was trying to trip us up and weed us out.
    Some classmates would ask her questions in class? She didn't know the answer. Well, if all she wanted to do was read from the book...why not just make Pharm an online class and save us the gas money?
    She sucked.

    I also took Pharm with Medsurg. That was pure hell.

    Organic Chemistry was rough as some have stated. I'll agree.

    I took Statistics (AP) in highschool. I still have nightmres.