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After you are out of nursing school what kind of nurse (OB, Med-Surg, CCU, ER, etc) do you want to be and why? What are your future goals in Nursing? Also how do you feel when you hear some... Read More

  1. by   Forevermomof5
    Hi...it's been awhile since I've posted. While reading this thread I was surprised to not see more people saying that they'd like to be in L&D. It seems like where we are, that's everyone's goal.

    Personally, I like critical care or oncology. As a nurse apprentice I've worked on both a med-surg floor and oncology and oncology is definately better. Going with that....I would rather work Pediatric Oncology because little diapers are easier to change than big diapers!!!!:roll

    I have 5 kids and contrary to what other people feel, I don't think working with terminally or critically ill children will affect me. I feel like it has given me more compassion to help them and love them. Because of work or other obligations, parents aren't always able to stay at the hospital and take care of their little ones. That's where a good, compassionate nurse comes in handy!

    It's summer now so I'll probably be online more often. Whew! Only two more semesters to go!!!! YEA!!! :hatparty:
  2. by   KrisRNwannabe
    Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not sure where I want to end up. I am thinking L&D or ER. Right now I just want to finish school and be a nurse.
  3. by   TeresaRN2b
    I am not sure. I used be sure I wanted L&D, but now thinking pediatrics or ER. I hope to have a better idea once I am through nursing school.
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  4. by   tatianamik
    ER. I also like the ICU. I started externing as soon as I could in the ICU at one facility. At another I started in OR and hated it. So I transfered to ER. Love it there. I might want to fly someday. I would want my Acute Care NP before I started flying though.

    I hated med-surg. I was handling 6 patients by myself by the time I finished my 3rd clinical rotations. I was so sick of it by the time I finished that I don't want to go back to it. EVER.
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  5. by   tatianamik
    Currently the totals are (possibilities are counted):
    ER 8
    ICU 8
    Flight Nursing 3
    CRNA 4
    FNP 2
    OB/L&D 6
    NICU 3
    Peds 3
    LTC 2
    Orthopaedics 1
    Addiction/Recovery 1
    Med-Surg 2
    Psych 2
    Corrections 1
    Oncology 1
  6. by   ava'smomRN
    i am thinking about going into OB or ER. i reallycan't decide yet because i havent seen any feilds first hand yet. the only reason i am interested in OB is because of watching the TLC's Labor and Delivery, and ER from watching the show ER and of course being in the emergency room and getting to see things hand on. But im leaning towards ER more because i think i will see a more different crowd. being as though in OB of course i will pnly see women!
  7. by   CarolinaGrl
    I went into school thinking that I wanted to do critical care. And come to find out, I still want to do adult critical care. I start this fall in an ICU after graduation and couldn't be more excited about it!!

    Some people are overwhelmed by the complexity of the ICU patient's care, but I am overwhelmed by the number of patients in med/surg. So, I don't think that new grads need to do a year in med/surg if they know what they want to do and why they want to do it.
  8. by   justjenn
    After my first semester in LPN school, I would like to work at NHC LTC in my area. Hopefully graduate in summer of 2004, go for RN in Aug. 2004, still work at NHC; go for my BSN when I graduate the ADN program & 10 to 15 yrs from then, try and get support to open up a catholic LTC facility, called "St. Francis Rest Home". It's a pipe dream, I know, but it's something I want to work on and their is a need for it.

  9. by   peaceful2100
    I just graduated last week and I am still unsure of what I REALLY want to do. One minute I think I want to do Pediatrics, the next I think OB, the next is pysch, the next is NICU, the next is ER, the next is LTC, the next is community/public health.

    I am interested in Child/Teen Psych. There is a growing number of children/teen with mental health problems. If I go into this area I know that I would like to go and get a Master's specializing in this area. I am also thinking of getting a doctorates in psychology with an emphasis on child/teen.

    I am starting on a post-op surgical care floor right now which is basically a med-surg floor. I figure that starting on a med-surg floor is not getting too specialized and gives me a chance to decide EXACTLY what I want to do.

    I do know one thing is FOR certain I want to go to graduate school and get my Master's and I will start that in June 2005. No questions, NO doubts about that at all.

    The thing I am scared of is the nurse patient ratio. I am not taking any stuff either. If they give me way to many I am gone. It is not worth my stress or my career.

    As far as nurses who say new grads should start in med-surg this is what I would have to say to that. I personally feel each person is different. If a person is 100% certain of what they want to do and can honestly say that they can stick with it for many years to come then I would think skip med-surg. However, if someone like myself is not so sure then starting in med-surg is not such a bad idea. My cousin in law started in OB and decided she HATED OB 3 years into it. So she decided she want to go into her 2nd choice which was oncology. The oncology units in her area would NOT give her the time of day without the med-surg experience first. So she went and did a year of med-surg and then went into oncology. She has been there almost 6 years now and she say she LOVES every minute of it and she is going back to get her doctorates and want to do cancer research. She told me had she started in med-surg first she could have branched off any where she desired from there without the hassle. There is some truth to that. I think it is something everyone has to decide for themselves.