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I used to watch ER, lost interest in that when Carter left, but keep up here and there to test my knowledge....I adore Greys Anatomy - they have some great cases (and good eye candy;) ) and hey, they... Read More

  1. by   nickola
    HOUSE!!!! I'm addicted. It's a joke that I have a standing date on Tuesday nights...... :blushkiss
  2. by   brenda mej
    Grey's anatomy!!! Dr. Mcdreamy plus Dr. Mcsteamy in one show??? What more can I ask for lol

    I watch ER, Scrubs, House and Untold Stories of the ER too. Sometimes i just TIVO them. :blushkiss
  3. by   meretricus
    House. God, I am so addicted to that show. My entire family refers to Dr House as my husband, that's how bad it is. And my boyfriend recently got me started watching Scrubs. And I am always watching Discovery Health when I get the chance.

    Also, Nip/Tuck. I absolutely love that show! I got my mom hooked on it last season (before they moved to LA), and she immediately ran out and bought every season! We never miss an ep, although she has trouble watching the surguries and usually covers her eyes.
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  4. by   meretricus
    Quote from nickola
    HOUSE!!!! I'm addicted. It's a joke that I have a standing date on Tuesday nights...... :blushkiss
    Right there with ya, babe. My entire family refers to House as my husband.
  5. by   sbic56
    Quote from meretricus
    Right there with ya, babe. My entire family refers to House as my husband.
    Why is it that nurses secretly love the jerkiest docs? They really do...and they don't have to look like Hugh Laurie either! I love House, too, but can you imagine working with that guy?!
  6. by   meretricus
    Oh god, no way I could work with him. But I love watching him work!
    Now that you mention it though, I am starting to notice a jerk-doctor trend with the men I like in tv shows.
    House, for one. Also Dr Cox, from Scrubs, my boyfriends friends make fun of me for admitting that I have a small crush on him. And Dr Christian Troy, from Nip/Tuck, my mother and I are both in love with.

    At least I'm not the only one though, right?
  7. by   sbic56
    Heck, no, you aren't alone! I like those challenging types, too!
  8. by   emmywhatwhat
    I absolutely love House.
    and i love even more how me and my roomie (who isn't a nursing major) watch it and i have to explain things to her. It boosts my confidence that I'm actually learning something! lol
    anddd... theres just something about house that's sexy
  9. by   Reese17
    Have you ever noticed how the nurses and doctors on shows like ER, House, Greys Anatomy NEVER wash their hands when entering or leaving a patients room? I noticed that once I became a nursing student.
  10. by   Sara5229
    Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, and Mystery Diagnosis are my favs... but I watch alot of Discovery Health
  11. by   DA314
    I love Grey's Anatomy- don't miss it for anything. ( I take that back, I did miss the season finale once when we closed on our house!) Of course, are there many women out there that don't like Grey's? Even if you hate the storyline, the men are so fun to watch

    I also love all the documentary style shows. Except for the one about the guy with all the warts that makes him look like tree bark. That just makes me sick.
  12. by   Kimberley.RN
    After reading all the posts I just realized how old this thread is! All the shows people were recommending probably aren't even on the air any more. lol. Anyway, my favorite is HOUSE. Don't like Grey's Anatomy or Scrubs. I'm not a big TV person, but I'm going to check out some of the other shows mentioned and Discovery Health.
  13. by   gabriella86
    I love House! I used to watch Grey's Anatomy. I liked the first two seasons but now I think it is cheesy.