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I used to watch ER, lost interest in that when Carter left, but keep up here and there to test my knowledge....I adore Greys Anatomy - they have some great cases (and good eye candy;) ) and hey, they... Read More

  1. by   avahnel
    I love House too-I missed the begining and it is replaying so I have been DVRing the first season. I was watching it with my DH, and after watching two episodes in a row I had to blurt out "This is no unrealistic!!! A Dr. drawing blood, and performing a CT scan while a pt is admitted? Not going to happen." It was just burning inside-I had to say it out loud!!!!! Love the show though.
  2. by   TOBYDOG
    I love House. Probably for the escapism. Really when was the last time you saw a doc draw blood or hang an IV?? And how about sitting up all night with the patient circling the bowl? Not realistic but funny all the same. Any of the Discovery Life in the ER and The Medical examiner show.
  3. by   prenursingC3PO
    i have watched house MD exactly once, and liked it. will never watch it again though, because i get the concept. a flawed man, but someone who is on the mark. i can relate to that. everything else i have attempted to watch has been zepped within minutes, because it's a bunch of people worried about how they come off to other people instead of their core rask. watching real surgeries on youtube/discovery simliar venues? i'm all over that. i do find it entertaining two watch someone get defib'd on general hospital, and watch the thorax bounce up to a 60 degree angle, and no one is EVER on room air. gotta have that cannula, or they just ain't keepin it real right? peace!
  4. by   RNof2008
    I love House....Dr.House is so full of his self and I love how he acts towards his boss it is so funny!!
  5. by   spongebob6286
    scrubs, very funny..E.R series, I learned a lot from this program.