What makes you want to be a nurse?

  1. I've read some pretty negative remarks on this BB, but I am sure that we all have our reasons for wanting to go into nursing. Getting through school is tough... and we must have something that keeps us going...

    What is it that makes you want to go into nursing, in spite of all the negatives that you might read?

    I've wanted to be a nurse since I was a young child. I pushed aside my dream for such a long time and now feel ready and thrilled to be fulfilling it.

    I've also had some surgeries and spent some time in the hospital. I've been fortunate to have some great nurses... one in particular was so gentle and sweet to me. I was feeling all alone, recovering from a hysterectomy over the holidays and she brought me a wonderful cup of holiday tea. I'll never forget that... or the smell of that tea. To this day it's one of my favorites and always reminds me of her kindness. I'd like to be someone who brightens the day of others....
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  3. by   RNonsense
    Easy! It was the fame and fortune!!!

    All kiddin' aside, I've wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl. Can't imagine doing anything else...
  4. by   Hidi74
    All of the nurses I have had. The ones I have met, and the ones in my family. Getting to help other people. Because I am burned out in my current career w/ no room for advancement. And the money and oppertunites won't hurt!
  5. by   NurseDixie
    I've also wanted to be a nurse since I was a young girl. However, I never had an opportunity to go to nursing school...til now.I worked as a nursing assistant from 1978-1989, got married, divorced, remarried. When my second husband had his 2nd CABG and had to retire,the Dr.said he may live only 6 yrs. I decided that I needed to pursue my dream of being an RN and started to school when I was 44 years old. I'm going to graduate in December and I'll be 47. My husband is doing fine so far, but is disabled. He keeps the house clean/does laundry,etc. He has been great.
  6. by   SingingNurse2
    My best friend and I volunteered at the local nursing home every summer in high school and I've been hooked ever since.

    When you buy something new or watch a good movie it makes you feel good for a little while, but when you've helped make a person's life better it feels good forever. ^_^
  7. by   2amigos
    I always wanted to be a grade school teacher, or a missionary, or a social worker. I decided last summer (at the wonderful age of 44) that I WILL be a nurse.
    My main objective has always been to make a difference. Nurses MAKE a difference.
    I am just finishing up my prerequisites and hope to start the RN program in the fall, but with so many applying, I may not get into the program until next spring, but that's okay too.
    I can't explain why I am so certain that this is what I will do, but it's nice to have that certainty. Once I'm in the program I am sure that I will question my goals from time to time, and that's okay as well.
    Good luck to you!
  8. by   SN Gone Crazy

    I can't say that I've wanted to be a nurse since I was in diapers. When I was a little girl all I knew is I wanted to get married and have a couple of kids. Well, I have all that now. It is a long story how I decided to be a nurse, but I can tell you money and the fact that I love to interact with people had a lot to do with it.

    What keeps me going now is I love going to clinicals every week and I truly feel as though I have found my calling. I cannot explain the strong feelings I have when my patients tell me how much they appreciate my kindness and that I need to finish nursing school, because this country needs more nurse like me.

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  9. by   perfectbluebuildings
    Well, I want to care for people in a real way- that doesn't really make sense, but it's how I feel- nurses touch lives in so many ways and I want to do that so badly!
  10. by   kimtab
    I just always wanted to change adult-diapers.

    That and the whole career that means something more than a paycheck at the end of the week thing.

  11. by   Nurse2bSandy
    you are starting your new career at the same age that I did. I was 44 when I went back to school and will start an accelerated BSN program in the fall...hope to graduate by 48!
    I,too, am so certain that this is what I am meant to do... and may combine some of my other dreams with it... like doing short-term missions work as a nurse. I'm excited!
  12. by   Ortho_RN
    I am in my 3rd semester and I ask myself that alot.. Cause there are some VERY trying times in nursing school... The tests, the paperwork, the early morning clincals, the instructor from H*ll.... But then I go to work (PCA) and I take care of a patient that grabs my hand and tells me how sweet I have been to them and that I will never understand what that means to them.. People like that are the reason I want to be a nurse..... Yes, you have your people who yell at your, scream at you, you have to deal with hateful doctors with ego trips.. But those people are a VERY small percentage of what you will encounter...

    I wanted to be a Veterinarian when I was a child, all the way up to my first couple of years of college, but the thought of being $100,000+ in debt by the time I got out just didn't appeal to me... So my first career I went to Veterinary Technician school, and graduated with a Associates in Vet Technology, sat for a state board exam and became a CVT.. Worked at that for over a year... Loved it, except for the no money or benefits... So I said what the hey... I'm still young (26) so I will go to nursing school... and I haven't regretted a minute of it... I miss the animals, but I think I am where I belong
  13. by   birdsongRN
    I originally went to college right out of high school as a communications major and was in to atheletics. Long story short, I ended up with a B.A. in sociology/anthropology with a minor in women's studies. Try finding a job with that degree!
    I got a did get a job as a clinic manager, barely over minimum wage, at a women's health clinic. That's when I decided that nursing was what I wanted to do. I never thought I was good at science, so was scared to try it. So I moved all the way across the country after leaving my position as office manager. I worked as a psych tech and medical assistant at another women's clinic and started my pre-req's for nursing. I love helping people and I love being involved in the medical field. I'm 27 now and am starting my clinicals in the fall. I am very excited about becoming a nurse.