What is your class size after this semester.

  1. This semester has been quite a roller coaster ride. My class loss 7 people, they could not pass. The final in one class was particulary difficult. I thought I had 3 B's and 1 A. Well, thanks to the HESI exam it pulled one of my B's to a C+ for a final grade the sadest thing is that I was only 2 points away from the B. The HESI for those of you who don't know is a test they give nursing students at many schools that is like a Mock NCLEX to help prepare you for the NCLEX, you have to get a certain score at least a 85 to be considered a good candiate to pass NCLEX well the sad thing is that I got an 80 and my school decided to offer points to those who got at least an 85 on the HESI and those who got below an 85 will get 0 points. So I got a 0 and that pulled my B to the C+ even though I got B's and A's on the normal class tests and work Talk about frustrating and VERY upsetting news I had to stare at my C+ for 10 minutes because it was so unbelieveable Wednesday I had a B and now today a C+. Anyway In addition to the 7 who will not be back grade wise 2 are talking about dropping out because it is too much stress, some are talking about dropping out because they are scared of the shortage and some of the nurses we have ran across this semester in clinicals have been scaring them away, and some don't like the school and thinking about changing schools. I am so disappointed in my grades, they are HORRIBLE. There is no way I can even begin to get in Graduate school with a C+. I am toughing it out though. My problem is test time I need a book on test taking tips because I know the material quite well but it is always on the test at least 2 right answers and I can ALWAYS narrow it down but sometimes I change my answers, or I don't pick the right answer. I am doing better than what I did in the past, but still.

    I am still proud of myself though even though the grades may not necessarily show it. I learned SO Much this semester not just book wise but CLINICAL wise as well.

    Good luck to those who still have finals. I have 3 weeks before I start back school on Jan. 8th and I will review everything we did this semester to keep it fresh in my mind. As well as practice drug calculations for the test we will have the first day we come back.

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  3. by   StudentSandra
    started with 28, now have 22.
  4. by   AppyHorseFan
    We started with 115 this semester (first of four) and we had approximately 75 take the final. I would say that 90% of those that dropped out did so because of grades, the other 5% either didn't even show for clinicals, dropped during clinicals, or because of clinicals (rather the instructor they had at clinicals).
  5. by   rosemadder
    our class started with sixty and we have lost nine. we were just told that we have too many students to start the next semester (more than the state boards allow). ours is the first class in years that have had this many at this point in the semester. we lack one fundamental final and one performance exam. (i figure they will try to weed out at the performance exam since it is a pass or fail situation).
  6. by   essarge

    I'm confused. How can a school have more than state boards allow?
  7. by   Marianne518
    We started out with 78 (or very close to that) in August and on the new schedule for clinicals that start in January there are only 60. My school has an internet course that covers the nursing lectures, and we lost quite a few from that part of the class due to the lack of organization of the internet program. It's a shame that some people gave up nursing school because the instructors could not get their $*it together. We also lost a 3-4 people after the final.
  8. by   Bonnie Blue
    We started out with 124. I think we are going to lose at least two that I know about. One because of grades and another because she didn't like the program after she started.

    Peaceful, please don't think that one C+ will prevent you from getting into grad school. At Vanderbilt, you need a B average overall and a B average in your nursing courses. Grad schools also look at GRE scores, recommendations and goal statements quite closely. Hang in there. I really admire your determination and drive. I would probably envy your clinical skills too, if I could work with you. I know mine need work.
  9. by   GPatty
    I'm not sure exactly how many, but I know of a few who if they do not pass our final, they will be out. One of my friends has to get at least an 83 on the final to at least get a C! It seems to be kind of a "weeding out" period for us. We started with 80. We are probably down to our 70's by now. After finals, we'll lose about 5 more, I would say.... *SIGH*

    Good Luck to the rest of us!!!!
  10. by   BrandyBSN
    This is our last year of the BSN program. My class started out with 50 (the university maximum for the program). Last I heard we were down to 32. I am not sure if we lost anyone this semester, but i doubt it. One of my best friends was kicked out during first semester junior year for unsafe patient care. I missed her, but I agreed with the programs decision. She just didnt think before she did things. I don't foresee losing any more. All 32 students left have well over a 3.0, and we all work well together. I hope we dont lose any more, we have become so close the past 3.5 years its almost like loosing a family member.

  11. by   Brown Suga
    I started out in an ADN program with 60 students and now that the semester is over we are down to 45 students. By the start of spring semester there will be 40 students because some are planning on changing schools for different teachers, but do they realize how much they are going to spend on books for a new program. Oh well it is their choice to do so.

  12. by   rlouque
    I am in an AD program and the first semester we started out with 55. Now going into our final semester we have 26. Some we have lost b/c of grades and we also had 4 students who are pregnant and will return after they have their babies. We lost one student this semester who had to make a 75 on the final to pass and she made a 74. We have to have a 75 in theory and a 75 in clinical, or they dont average the two together. She had a 74.2 in theory and a 91 in clinical, so she failed.
  13. by   fortywinks
    hey peaceful2100,

    I know we must strive to do well in nursing school but your grades don't define you and your future patients won't ask you what you received in your Pharmacology class You mentioned your study skills...I recommend "Successful Test-Taking Learning Strategies for Nurses" by Sides & Korcheck. I have used it and it has helped me a lot. Get the book and check it out, enjoy Christmas break and kick butt when you get back in January. Good Luck!!!
    Btw - We have lost a few students each semester. Recently a good friend of mine failed a class by 3 points. We are in an accelerated (13 month - for people who already have a bachelors in another field) BSN program, so now she is set back to graduate in 2003 with the traditional 2 year program
  14. by   Nurse Shanta
    we started out with 64 and we are down to 40 after one semester! most students dropped out because they didn't like the instructors and the other half just couldn't make it.