What is failing at your school? - page 4

I was just wondering how you failed your program. In my program you can't make less than a 71 on 2 tests during the semester and you have to pass your comprehensive final or you fail the course. I... Read More

  1. by   biggirlpantties
    Any thing below a 77% is failing.
  2. by   Davisk01
    In my program any grades anything below 77% is failing. All clinicals must be passed and it is a pass/fail grade only we have a skills lab as well and that is pass/fail also. The grading system at my school is also different than most. (We are also charged $50/hr if we miss clinical and need to make it up...YIKES!)
    A 95-100
    A- 92-94
    B+ 89-91
    B 86-88
    B- 83-85
    C+ 80-82
    C 77-79
  3. by   PN143
    I just graduated from LPN school last night, YAY! At our school, anything below an 80% was a failing grade in the classroom and in clinicals.
  4. by   The Bell Jar
    Anything below a 78% was failing.
  5. by   mixyRN
    75% passing
    74.999999999.... failing
  6. by   Mexarican
    anything below 75% is failing.

  7. by   love-d-OR
    Wow! 80% a fail?!

    Anything below 71% is a fail at my school.
  8. by   MachewRN
    Can't make less than 80% in any nursing class.
    No less than a C in other classes such as A&P.
  9. by   JaxiaKiley
    It's crazy to see such a wide range of requirements. Our passing minimum is a 78. They had a 'two tests lower than 70 and you're out' rule, but did away with it this semester. We are allowed 3 tries on clinical skill check-offs.
  10. by   MegNeoNurse
    79% average for any nursing class. YIKES! When I started it was 74%. All nursing students must have a 2.0 to stay in the nursing program (haha).
  11. by   akspudus
    At Miami Dade College, you have to have at least a 77% to pass, 85% for a B, 93% for an A . There isn't any special requirements for medical math....77% to pass. Clinicals are pass/fail. ATI testing at the end of each semester. 1st semester ATI score does not count.
    For skills we get three tries at everything. You have to pass each of your skills to go on to the next semester...but again you get three tries.

    Not too hard...but we have lost a few.

    Now that the semester is over, I'd have to say the first semester was easier than prerequisites. Next semester is all med/surg....I'm thinkin its gonna get harder.