what if you DON"T get accepted?

  1. I am still waiting for my acceptance letter. I called the school today & they haven't mailed them out yet. There are about 400 applicants & only 16 will be accepted. If you don't get in, you will not receive notice. There is no waiting list. I am not sure what I will do if I don't get in. There aren't many other courses at our local college that I am even remotely interested in. It's pretty depressing. I'm just wondering if there are many others in the same boat.
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  3. by   RNIAM
    No, sorry not in the same boat. I will cross my fingeres for you. Think positive!
  4. by   ClariceS
    All the best of luck to you !!! I wasn't accepted until the third time I applied. Not because I had a poor application. There were just the same type of way too many applying for the very few positions they had (something like 5:1).
    I got some of the classes like psych, sociology, and A&P done. You didn't have to be accepted into nursing school to take those courses at my university - just make sure they are the same as the school requires. I also worked and saved - paid for most of my schooling without loans that way.
    After the first rejection, I started volunteering on an Alzheimers ward. Something to make my application look better than others. After the second rejection, I set up an appointment with the dean of the school I really wanted and found out directly from her what might make my app more noticeable. (I also applied at another nursing school in my city.) After that visit, I called her about every 3-4 weeks to make sure she still knew I wanted into the next class and to let her know what I was doing to get myself ready for nursing (e.g. marks from the classes, continuing the volunteering).
    Best of luck whatever happens!!!
  5. by   pkmom
    I'm just worried that they will loose my application. its due in a few weeks and I'm wondering...if I turn it in right when its due, is there a better chance of it not getting lost?

    Aaarrrgghhh, just gotta wait and see.
  6. by   meribelle
    400 applicants and only take 16, wow, best of luck,

    fingers crossed
  7. by   shanzo89
    I understand your feelings! I don't know how many they are letting into our program. I just checked their website earlier today to see when to expect the acceptance letter, and it stated that the letters would be delayed until the school decides the final budget! Now I have to wait even longer!!

    Best of luck to you!

  8. by   crnasomeday
    Wow that's some bad odds. . .Good luck to you! I'll be praying for you . . .
  9. by   Agnus
    I'm with Clarice. She has given you GREAT advice. Also, check around there may be another school near by that your are not even aware of. Keep doing everything you can to improve your chances until you are accepted. If you want it bad enough you can get it. It may take some time and some extra work but you must ask yourself how much are you willing to do to get in.
  10. by   Hooligan
    Are you going for your BSN or ADN? If you were planning on getting your BSN from a 4 year and the wait list is that long...maybe you could consider starting in a 2 year ADN program...If you're anything like Clarice, you may be waiting a couple years anyway and by that time you could do a bridge program and get your BSN. Just a suggestion... But Good Luck and keep up posted!!!
  11. by   nrselisa
    I'm actually going for lpn because they take less people. Once I am finished with that, the bridge to ADN will be easier to get into & I think I will feel more confident. I'll just have to wait & see. My compostie score on the nln was 135 & I have a 4.0, but I just don't know what my competition has. I'll just keep praying! Thanks for all of the support everyone!
  12. by   Forevermomof5
    It is absolutley amazing to me that our nation has a nursing shortage and that schools are only accepting 16 per year. That is crazy. You need to move here because our ADN program accepts 56 students every semester. I would definately look for another program if you don't get accepted...don't give up!