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What does your program call the final class, where you basically do a nurse's job for x amount of hours and she/he is there to guide & help? Ours is called practice elective but our classes always... Read More

  1. by   jenrninmi
    Theory is called "Capstone" and clinical was "Leadership"
  2. by   GrnHonu99
    Preceptorship here too! They let us pick where we want...it can be anywhere..ER, ICU..although they told us if we pick ER or ICU we have to be on it bc those are difficult areas....they also say pick a preceptorship where you would like to work bc they will most likely hire you on
  3. by   speedykicks
    Capstone. I do not know why it is called that.
  4. by   sarahmarion123
    get this,
    I'm in a BSN program and we don't even have a preceptorship! or anything like that. Isn't that crazy!?
  5. by   mygavin03
    Nursing Care of Clients in Complex Situations 8 credits

    Management for Nurses 3 credits
  6. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Two classes last semester...

    1. advanced med surg
    2. manangement & leadership concepts

    clinical: preceptorship
  7. by   klone
    Our school doesn't call it anything. It's just the preceptorship. It's not a separate class. All our classes end a month early, and then the last month is precepting fulltime (144 hours).

    I wouldn't want to precept in the same area where I'm externing. It would just be more of the same. I want to get that whole "well rounded" thing everyone's always talking about. :chuckle That's why I'm probably going to request Med/Surg for my preceptorship. Although, ICU is mighty tempting after I rotated through last week.
  8. by   annlee1318
    At my school it's called "Professional Role Transition."
  9. by   MistyLou
    Preceptorship here as well!