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Hey Gals! (and guys) I know that I alot of us feel like we are up to our necks in quicksand right now! (atleast I do :)) What methods to you all use to relieve stress? Anything special that... Read More

  1. by   puzzler
    You might have guessed from my user name but I enjoy word puzzles. I work them and I make them. The ones I make are nursing related. I do this if I am only a little stressed.

    I also have flower gardens for when I am moderately stressed. You know, shoving that little hand spade into the clay dirt we have around here can be very fulfilling. Besides which, I really do enjoy growing things.

    If I am really, really stressed, I go get on my horse. It gives us both a very good work out. Believe me, when I get on my horse I can not, must not, think of anything else. He certainly has a mind of his own and I think he enjoys trying to see just how far he can go (just like a child). Of course he is my big baby and just grooming him is a joy. He loves it and he listens to every problem I tell him about, he never talks back, and he always agrees with me (LOL). By the time I leave that stable I am physically and mentally relaxed.
  2. by   Beverly McKee
    Nursing school is definitely stressful. When I feel like I am ready to loose it; I exercise, take a long relaxing bath, or sometimes I even go shopping. Every once in awhile it feels good just to scream! : ) I graduate in May so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that helps too.
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  3. by   moni rn
    if you asked me this a few months ago, i would say "primal therapy". however, i couldn't handle it all anymore with just that. now, i practice yoga (at least 5 times per week), meditation (30 minutes everyday), reading (non-nursing material) and running (at least 5 times per week for about 45 minutes). i realized what i was doing before was more harmful than helpful.

    just my $.02
  4. by   kennedyj
    Originally posted by kewlnurse
    When i was in school there was, and still is, a brew pub about 2 miles down the road, half way between school and the job i had at the time... yeah i know don't use alcohol for stress relief..... blah blah blah....

    When I was doing my RN, We had a neat Mexican restaurant/pub about 1/2 mile and when we had a full day of classes we would go there for lunch. I remember one day there were 15 of us and lunch turnes into a beer & margerita slammin contest. It was funny to see everyone go back to class trashed. The teacher commented on our lack of coordination but luckily we all made it back to our seats for the lecture.
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