What do you think about negative comments from exp nurses about nursing?

  1. Does it discourage you?

    Does it intimidate you or make you not want to do it?

    Especially for you career changers, if you read other forums on this site it can be discouraging!
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Intimidates somewhat, i realize that everyone situation is different.

    Definately gets you to thinking.

    But not enough to make me change my mind on going for something else
  4. by   marci3335
    It does bother me, somewhat. I'm really excited about my future career and hope it will be as fulfilling as I think it will be. But when I hear so many negative comments about the profession, it's a little discouraging.

    My Aunt just retired after 30 years in ER and instead of being proud of me for pursuing this degree she tried to change my mind! She talked about her friends who pursued other degrees in business, etc. and how much better off they were.

    But you know, I've done the corporate gig and I wasn't impressed. I believe that this is my calling and where I belong.

    I also believe that the grass always appears greener on the other side... And there are discouraged people in every career!

  5. by   iliel
    I once had a pt, who was a teacher with a child who is a nurse and when she heard I wanted to be a RN, she told me not to do it. Bothers me that a teacher, high school no less, would try to tell someone not to follow their dreams.
    You know, so many people think the grass is greener if they go into a diff career.
    I have talked to more nurses who are happy with their choice, but you know only the neg comments are the ones that stand out.
  6. by   agent
    I'm also in business now and believe me its not that great sweating layoffs.
  7. by   LauraLou
    I am in my mid-30's and am making a career change to nursing. I have done a lot of research into the field and have also heard the negative comments from experienced nurses.

    My theory is to learn what I can from their comments without getting too discouraged. I try to understand what specific circumstances have led them to become bitter about nursing. I want to use that information to guide my own career.

    My observations have been:

    1. Do not work on a Med/Surg floor. Workload is overwhelming and causes burn-out quickly.

    2. Be very careful what hospital you go to work for. You want one with a very good new graduate orientation program lasting 3 months plus. Avoid hospitals where you will be floated your second week and charge nurse your third.

    3. If you have a job that makes you miserable, leave and find a new one. There are too many opportunities for nurses to stay somewhere you hate.

    4. Nursing offers a wide variety of work settings. Take the time to find what area is best for you: ED, ICU, LD, home health, research, insurance company, etc.

    No matter what career you choose, you will have nasty coworkers, unreasonable clients, unpleasable bosses, budget cuts and poor management decisions.

    Listening to the experienced nurses, I know burn-out is a career hazard. I will be careful to watch for signs of it in myself and make changes as needed.

    Good luck everyone!
  8. by   twarlik
    It discouraged me at first, but now it doesn't bother me. The negative people are always the loudest. I've met so many nurses who love what they do and have encouraged me. I'm not going to let a few negative folks change my mind. Like Marci said, the grass always appears greener on the other side.
  9. by   agent
    I'm working as technical phone support now.. i understand burnout.

    I think I can handle nursing.

    BTW what is LD?
  10. by   LauraLou
    LD= Labor and Delivery
  11. by   shyne
    It doesn't discourage me because this is something that I've wanted to do for a long time. Not intimidated because I worked in the field and know that nursing is for me.
  12. by   SirJohnny

    - I just ignore it.

    - The corporate world isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

    - Personally, I love the thought of travel nursing. Hope to purchase one of those greyhound bus to motorhome conversions and use that for travelling. Found that if it's titled as a "motorhome" - that you do not need a commercial driver's license.

    - Not sure what the tax implications would be. But it's a dream and it keeps me going.

    - I may also look at the CRNA program.

    - Seems to me that nursing is a "growth" industry. And that I will have many more opportunities for success with nursing than I have had with the computer field.

    - Am also hoping that my quality of life will improve. Personally, I would rather work the weekend shifts -- nights would be great. Get my 3 or 4 12 hour shifts out of the way and go fishing.

    - Am also hoping that I can devise a computer program (laptop or palm) and use that for charting. Perhaps be able to interface that to a hospital's charting system. I actually see that happening in the next few years, where you carry a PDA and do charting as you go. Then plug it into main computer at end of shift or other time interval and upload your data to system.


    - Another thought. Surprised they don't have laptops screwed right into the wall. Get industrial ones. Then use your id badge (like they do at Denny's) to log on. Have a bar code system for pills, etc. Perhaps have a laminated binder next to laptop that you can scan for procedures or some such.

    - System would be graphical. Would have a minimal learning curve.


    - Now, throw that at the old crabbies who like to gripe and complain.


    Gotta run,

    John Coxey
  13. by   kryzzz
    I agree with Laura Lou. Listen and and take notes. Every nurse I know complains about nursing in some way, but they love their work, and they keep going back.

    I think a lot of nurses leaving the profession have been burned out by managed care; many nurses are not getting what they hoped for out of their careers.

    As newcomers, we have to expect what we have been warned about: heavy patient loads, administrative frustration and the constant battles of advocating for your patients. If we get something better, then we've lucked out.

    I'm optimistic and dedicated to maintaining high standards, period.

    Don't let 'em get you down!
  14. by   Jen2
    Not at all. I have been working in the medical feild for 7 years and have heard it all. Nursing is what you make of it. It is a true calling and if you don't find out if your not cut out for it in school, you will as a new grad. This is MHO. I am not a nurse yet, but date one and work side by side them every day. Each and every profession has it's faults. However, I do believe that nursing is being somewhat "glorified" to something it's not, due to the shortage. All the commercials, and sign on bonus's are trying to recruit new students. More and more people are wanting to go into nursing for the benefits such as job security, decent salary, etc.etc. etc.. There are alot of things you don't see in the commercials, and things the facilites are leaving out. Because of this, I believe that there will be more people disgusted with the profession and leaving it. Like I said, it has to be a calling and your drive and love for it that brought you to it in order to keep you there, not the benefits.