What do you dissect in A&P Lab? - page 6

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  1. by   Achoo!
    cadaver, it's pretty awesome.
  2. by   TexasNS
    Man where do you all go to school we got to disect.........................ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!!!

  3. by   CappucinoMama
    Ohh maaaan....I don't think I could dissect a cat.. I know you have to do what you is required tho..but oohh that would bother me so much...
    At my CC, we use the sheep brain, heart asnd fetal pig.
  4. by   Brendy
    We dissected minks in my A&P class. My CC stopped using cats a couple of years before I attended the program.
  5. by   lunakat
    In antatomy we dissected a cows eye, a very moldy sheeps heart and a very dead cat. The cat still had his fur so we had to skin the poor thing. For days after I had cat hair (and I don't own cats) all over my clothes. We called our Perro (spainish for dog). Our lab final was the worst. Our instructor had put out the cats and stuff the night before. While we were taking the test, we found out that the air conditioning wasn't working on campus (in the middle of 101 degree summer heat). The cats looked liked dried beef jerky and the mold sheep hearts had started to smell. I though my poor lab partner was going to lose her lunch casue she was also 8 months pregnant!
  6. by   suzy253
    Please don't remind me! A cat! and I have 5 cats at home. Also a heart, brain, bull testicles....more than I would care to remember! arrrggghhhh
  7. by   kbella1218
    In my first A&P we did fetal pigs and cow brains. I failed that class. My past A&P we had only paper labs. That means, my prof isn't into that stuff. He has a full time job doing death research on animals and want to see it after his 9-5, ha ha lucky us.

    Basically we get a xeroxed sheet we memorize with muscles or nerves or whatever our lab is on. Except for the skeleton. But come on, how easy is that?

    Don't worry about what you dissect. It's all gross. Unless you get lucky and get a non-dissecting prof like some of us. Of course, I am at a Comm Coll.
  8. by   Achoo!
    I just had my mid term in lab. We had to label all the muscles of the lower extremity on the cadaver. They had him last semester too, we are doing the other side, and he is really getting stinky!