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This statement was made by my professor during class yesterday, so I pose this question to all nursing students, as well as anyone else who'd like to participate. I am interested in hearing your... Read More

  1. by   Glad2behere
    Believe me! I am fully aware that you are not predisposed nor practice a subservient behavior, professionally speaking of course

    I am willing to concede that "male qualities" are needed more in nursing regardeless of the source. I think men just have those qualities naturally and historically, and to an extent are able to focus a little better on tasks and filter through distractions that thwart them. I also think that one of the things that has been an obstacle in nursing and is so self defeating is my observation that women can be so gawdawful mean to each other, and that wastes energy and focus. From a male standpoint, there are two forces to contend with to affect change. The first is the desired change itself, secondly, having to tangle with the "roar of women". The second feature would have to be diffused and redirected to zero in on the first. So, as it stands right now, men who are nurses are outnumbered badly, confuse the fireworks of women as real artillery when it isn't, and are consequently seeking relief from the roar. The few numbers of them inhibit this, particularly when it is factored in that the roar often reaches a crescendo of such magnitude that surely some blood-letting is a immeninet, and self preservation becomes the primary goal.
  2. by   peaceful2100
    I have to say that I agree 100% with Badbird, it is really sad But it is true. Remember voices do speak in numbers. I think It is much easier to sit back and complain but it does take a lot more effort to speak up, stand up and become active and more involved. I will have to come back in a few years and tell everyone for sure after I have gained my experienced as a nurse before I can truly and fairly say that.
  3. by   TiddlDwink
    Alas, after 35 years in nursing, I have to admit it's true! Since Florence took over the profession, it has been dominated by (historically subordinate) women. It is no different from any other female-dominant profession. Sorry, ladies. Men still make more than women. Men still have more clout than women politically and professionally. And, like it or not, women DO still have to take time off when they give birth.

    I don't mean to get off on a rant here, but.....
    It has been my observation over the years that more than half (the majority) of women take months off when thay have babies, not just a few days or weeks. I believe some women do take a little advantage of the system sometimes that allows them to do this. Well.... if they can get along without you for 3 months, they didn't need you in the first place.

    Also, as one of you already said, women will never stick together on anything. AND, that's what it will take to make changes in the system.
  4. by   TiddlDwink
    By the way, Glad...

    You are my hero!

    I couldn't have said all that better myself!
  5. by   oilerfan
    My thought, and it may be unpopular, is this; Nursing is the last bastion of female supremacy. The profession will change my friends.
    Although North America is slower to adapt than, for example, Western Europe, more males will enter nursing. Here is why. Wages are going up. Any time money becomes an issue, men will attempt to control it. The most simple example is cooking. At home it is the womans job, has been for eons. Toss the business aspect into the mix and Bam! ( as Emeril would say) Men are the Chefs and run the kitchen. No offence to men but as a 'female' job should there not be more female Chefs in the industry? Yup.

    Here is the problem with nursing. I propose a question; How many of you want to work full and as much overtime as possible until you retire? My guess is very few. The burden of child is mostly on women. Men, and believe me when I say that the resolve a hard working man ( who feels a deep need to provide) cannot be matched by many women. The only person on the planet with more resolve is the single mother or other variations where the woman is bread winner. ( so please, no hate mail, just trying to make a general point)
    I am rambling, wages will go up if more men run the unions and hospitals and fill the positions...it may take 75 years to have an even male/female split but it will happen.
    Hope I did not offend...direct your yelling this way.
  6. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    In other professions that are male dominated, what happens?

    The men are treated well, get promotions, etc more often than women. I have worked with male nurses and I know that they were paid better than us "girls" and treated better, too. Especially by docs.
    I have seen a doc totally belittle a female nurse for no reason, then turn to a male nurse and say "Hey, did you see the game yesterday?"

    Male nurses get the best of of both worlds- they retain their male advantage, and are treated special for being a minority in the profession. In school, I had an instructor whose adult son had died suddenly. She was a sucker for male students. She accepted and gave good grades to men for inferior work that she would never have accepted from a female. A male student was directly responsible for a pt being injured in clinical, because he was insubordinate and negligent. She let it slide!

    When a female student made a med error that caused no harm, she put that student on probation in the nursing program.

    It used to be that male and nurse did not go together. People thought male nurses were an oddity. Now, they are respected and admired.

    I think being a nurse can do good things for a man. But, having men as nurses will not benefit female nurses.
  7. by   alwaysthere
    We will only get as much ___ as we will take.
    We will only get weaker if we continue to fight with one another.
    If we dont put away our petty differences and join in a common
    goal we will be pushed around any way the managment/
    government wants.
    A job is a job. Anding nursing is both a proffesion and an art.
    Let it be done by whoever has the skill passion and intelligence
    for it.
    If we work together we will be stronger...why do you think
    managment often allows/provokes things that will keep us apart.

    Just my 2 cents
  8. by   Pogoduck
    If this professor's theory was right, there should be a great difference between working conditions in nursing and in jobs where mostly man work (ie a factory). According to this theory it should be heaven on earth if there are only or mostly men working. Believe me, I worked some time in a man-only job, and I did'nt like the working conditions : hard work, low pay, long hours. Tell this professor to leave his ivory tower and come back to earth.
  9. by   acrofford
    I'm only in my 3rd Q of this whole thing. Seems like a lot of hyper sensitive/bitter women in here(NO NOT ALL OF YOU...Whew). Taking one little snit bit of something and arguing tell ...when ever. I'm always haring (not on this site but in real life) "he this" or "he that" of "if he would ever" ...If you were an alien looking down you would think men folk are slow and dumb. So why do men clearly dominate this planet? Well, one thing men have in almost all aspects of social related life (in general) is comradery. I don't need to tell you how women pick apart other women/people because it "validates" who you are, or whatever reasons (same reason in other situations women empathize with one another). Ya, men too "diss" or "rank" but is not on the same level.. Besides you know what I'm talking about. Look at cats then look at dogs, simple as that (not really but you get the point). Look, women and men ARE different (in general, trying to cover all my stops because I know I will be quoted and kicked in the face) each are beautiful. Like every thing in life you can learn to play the game or fight it, which do you think will benefit you and your cause the most?... just think for a minute(unemotionally). Then the rules are made by who??? The ones who can play the game WITH OTHERS the best. Don't like it? blow on a tissue as do I with MANY things more important than who has a penis or not or how there bring us down. Oh, and when you see that less than 4% male pop nurse, hold the door for him and be glad he made it threw the sexist ordeal, he's LEAST of your problems.
  10. by   Rapheal
    I think his statement-for good or for bad - is true.

    It has been my observation that male nurses get treated better on the job- and not as well off the job because many people feel that nursing is not a noble profession for a man. I give credit to all of us nurses who care for our patients.

    The quickest and fastes way for nurses to get respect is for us all to put aside our differences and unite for better conditions. The healthcare deliverary system is in crisis. Our situation as nurses is like a pot on the stove that is getting very hot. One day it will boil over and demand our full attention. I do not know what situation, what tragedy or perhaps what person will emerge as our leader to finally turn up the heat enough to cause that pot to boil over. But I believe the day is coming. And when it does I will be ready to join the cause and demand the resources and respect that will enable me and other nurses to provide the best care for our patients.

    Ooops ...... trips while stepping off her soapbox.
  11. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Can't say i completely agree that the male nurse on our floor gets more respect or is treated better.

    I've overheard several patients ask if he got rejected from med school. He's been hit on by several homosexual patients (he's straight). This hasn't been a problem with the females. But it's just my observation that when people come in and learn that he is their RN for the night, they look at him completely differently, and not in a good way either. And it'll be hard enough with my own stereotypes and all, but i've seen it and even he has said it, that the women are taken more seriously than he is. But that's just one case in point.
  12. by   agent
    Is this instructor male or female??

    Its funny after all these years everyone is still afraid of the white man.

    I guess its a good time for me as a white male to enter the nursing field
  13. by   caligirl
    Kinda off the topic but kinda not...

    I read in a magazine that male nurses are paid higher (on the average) than women nurses. I was in Information Technology before I went back to school and I have witnesses firsthand the pay uh.. 'differences.' But I was shocked to read it was the same way in nursing. In fact it was in a lot of women dominated career fields... (teaching etc etc..) Pathetic huh?