What Do You Do??

  1. What do you do for side money when going to school full time in a LPN program?? Any suggestions?
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  3. by   summers hope
    have you utilized all the programs to get help? can you draw off a student loan for living expenses? i did and i will get a check next week. the only idea that i have is waitressing on saturday nights because it wouldn't take much of your time and the tips would be quick cash. goodluck, summers hope
  4. by   jodyangel
    I work a weekend program which pays me an extra 12 hrs for the 24 I work!:chuckle
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Medical transcription is what I did while in LPN school. Also worked as a unit clerk.
  6. by   deleern
    i work full time as an LPN in LTC, $15.42 an hour and full time bennifits. they schedule around my classes. I have so much PTO that I actully work 24 hours a week and then take 2 PTO days. I also had all my PRE and Co required classes done. AND I am in the PART time RN Program, (New at our college.) I am very busy but as you can see in my count down i only have what is left of this semester and 9 credits next semester.

    My Daughter works as a causul LPN at a Hospital .. she works 2 weekends a month and makes 1200 a weekend.

    My other friend works part time in as a houskeeper in the same LTC that I do. she starts early and gets done in time to go to school. we also have people working as CNA's and going to the nursing program. most places are flexable for students and the BIG Side Bennifit is the learning experince.
  7. by   WDWpixieRN
    Quote from delee99
    My Daughter works as a causul LPN at a Hospital .. she works 2 weekends a month and makes 1200 a weekend.
    $1200.00 a weekend?!?! Am I reading that right?!?!?!
  8. by   deleern
    She works 3 -12 and the Hosptal pays weekend bonuses Friday Sat and Sun.,, she makes 20 an hour time and 1/2 for 4 hours (NO Bennifits no vaction,)( she gets double time when she works a double. she usually get 48 hours in in 3day, sleeps at the hosp but then again she only works 6 days a month.
  9. by   amyk_ncsu
    I work for a doctors office part time checking people in. Its great for side money and I will be able to read and study while I am here. I got my job through a temp agency and then was hired on, so you could check into temp agencies, a lot of them have temp to hire opportunities.
  10. by   Achoo!
    I work as an RMA at an urgent Care clinic nights and weekends part time.
  11. by   AmyORlpn
    i work as a cma (certified medical assistant) in an urgent care on the weekends. it pays pretty good ($18.00/hr) while i'm in my lpn program. it is only a 13 month program, so it won't be that long to give up my weekends.:roll

    lpn student in oregonumpiron:
  12. by   luvlilbit119
    Thanks everyone- for your imput!! It really helps!!