What do you eat or how during school?

  1. I just wondered how some of you deal with eating if you are in school all day.....carry snack bars or what? I have 3 days a week that I will be at school continously and can't afford to eat in the cafeteria....don't have access to a refrigerator or microwave......any suggestions? I just wanted to see what other people did or solutions that you guys had come up with for this problem.......
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  3. by   marci3335
    Last semester I lost over 10lbs because I didn't do anything about eating! I just didn't eat! Now normally I would welcome the weight loss. But unfortunately, it was too much too fast. I lost a lot of my hair, my fingernails were cracking and breaking, I became anemic, etc. This semester I am going to pack a few things. Trail mix, protein bars, bagels, and a fruit juice. Basically- high in nutrition, yet quick to eat/drink. Good luck!

  4. by   kcsun3
    Hey Robin,

    If I will be in classes all day, I usually pack a peanut butter sandwich and some fruit and try to grab bites between classes. Other ideas that are quick and don't need refrigeration or microwaving: muffins (oat, blueberry, banana nut, etc.), cheese and crackers, carrot sticks, graham crackers, etc.

  5. by   GPatty
    Hey! Good subject! I never would've thought until it was too late (when I was starving at school!LOL!).
    I'll read this thread with great interest...
  6. by   KristaB
    Apples, bananas, bagels, string cheese and diet cola. This is my nursing school diet, boring as it may be. Boring but portable.

  7. by   Mkue
    Hey you guys all good ideas.

    I am definately going to eat better this semester with 17 credit hours.

    Seems like I rely mostly on peanut butter for protein, any other suggestions?

  8. by   Lausana
    Luckily, we have a microwave in the lab, but no fridge-so that doesn't help if you're there all day!

    I usually keep a box of wheat thins crackers with me, a bag of grapes or veggies and ranch dip are easy to carry around, hidden valley makes individual ranch cups too. I keep Nutrigrain bars in the car for breakfast. I tried Slim Fast's Meal on the go bars-I guess it was just me, but I had to drink about a gallon of water to swallow it all, the first bite was good then I chewed...blllaaa. So that snack idea was out!

    Thanks for the other good ideas-bagels sound good right now!
  9. by   Mkue
    I think we are a lot alike !!!

    Nutrigrain Bar in the car while driving...lol.. that is me.

    Slim Fast sounds good too, a lot of nutritents there. I'm going to start stocking up on some of that stuff.

    Thanks !

  10. by   Katnip
    We don't have a refrigerator, either, but we do have a microwave of sorts and a hot water dispeners for dry soups. For sandwiches, salads, fruits and cheeses (reduced fat, of course) take a small insulated lunch bag with one of those little freezer things in it. That will keep things pretty good at least until lunch. Get one of those reusable water bottles, pack it with ice to the top, and that will last a good while, too.
  11. by   Whisper
    Nutri grain bars are a fantastic invention, I eat them for my breakfast whilst at traffic lights or at level crossings. For my lunch I usually eat a bag of crisps (In the USA chips?), the light versions,( because they are less greasy so I don't mark my work) and usually a piece of fruit. Sometimes, I take a proper packed lunch but I don't like squished sarnies! which tends to happen a lot, especially under the weight of my A&P book!

    Another tip, is a pot noodle, or other pasta snack, because the coffee machine,will just give you hot water. Quick, and warm! Very important at the moment!
  12. by   MRed94
    Lots of Pop-tarts! You can eat em cold, nasty tho it is....

    I took a lot of sandwiches (with a cooler pack), and drank a lot of water.....also gained a lot of weight!

    You would think that working as an LPN would keep me going with the exercise.......NOT!

    Ah, life and passing 40....at least I have an excuse.....(middle age spread). Also I gave up situps forever.

    Not pretty.

  13. by   Mkue
    Marla that is so funny, "the spread" !

    I know what you mean about over 40.

    Have this Mcdonalds that I pass every day on my way to class, it's so tempting to stop and get a bagel breakfast sandwich and I have !!

    Although this semester I have vowed to bring a bagel with peanut butter only !! and it's reduced fat peanut butter !

    and a bunch of other stuff too !

  14. by   moni rn
    all great ideas, folks! but, what if you are on the low carb/high protein diet? i have pcos, and i have to follow a diabetic diet.

    any suggestions, or am i just scr*wed! *lol*