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A friend of mine that was recently accepted to nursing school said that she went to talk to someone who was on the admissions committee and she asked why she was accepted with only a 3.0 GPA. She was... Read More

  1. by   mariedoreen
    Did it ever occur to this person that someone might be taking only 2-3 classes because that's all they can afford? Not everyone qualifies for a free education.

    Our DON made it clear to us on day one that those who had got in with a part-time 4.00 gpa were going to have a hard time handling the load. May she eat her words every day she's forced to gaze upon our test scores.
  2. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from mariedoreen
    Did it ever occur to this person that someone might be taking only 2-3 classes because that's all they can afford? Not everyone qualifies for a free education.
    Oh, yeah, forgot to add that to my list of "why's" as well lol.
  3. by   ZASHAGALKA
    I guess I shouldn't mention that my program took all guys first. I had an OK gpa and stuff, but the reason why I bumped to the head of my 2 yr waiting list was simply cause I'm a guy. . .

    But hey, no regrets here.

  4. by   ByTheLake
    Bottom line, this school has the right, legally and ethically, to determine their own criteria for admission to their programs. If you don't like their criteria, you are free to choose a school that has criteria more to your liking or that fits better with your abilities and strengths.

    My own personal observations have led me to believe that these administrators were spot on in their assessment that she will be a successful nursing student. My school's admission criteria are very cut-and-dried: x gpa or x score on sat/act to get in. Unfortunately, many many many students have no job, no kids, live with mommy and daddy, no responsibilities, take 1-2 classes at a time, "shop around" for easy profs, and get accepted into the program with their bright, shiney 4.0 gpa that means diddly-squat. (In our school, pre-req's are romper room compared to the actual nursing courses.) These students generally are the ones who either (a) flunk out first semester because they couldn't hack it, or (b) "C" their way through nursing school, skidding in by the skin of their teeth each quarter.

    Unfortunately, I also met students in pre-req's who were intelligent, dedicated, and hard-working. They also were raising children, working, being responsible productive adults, and because of all that, made A's and B's rather than all A's, and didn't quite make it into the program. They would have done well in nursing school, and made excellent nurses. But they were edged out by other students. Me thinks our completion rate would be higher if different criteria were used ;-) I wonder how that school's completion rate and first-time NCLEX pass-rate look??? Would be interesting to see.
  5. by   karmyk
    Quote from CRNASOMEDAY25
    What do you think of these comments? The school she goes to chooses people based on individual decisions made on applications and not point systems or GPA ranks; all you need is at least a 2.8 GPA . my friend thought there was a mistake made (not that she was complaining) especially with all the competition and she asked how the decision had been made.
    I think it's great... they're actually looking at the whole package instead of a bunch of numbers.

    Besides, GPA is a horrible indicator of how well a person will do in a school. Some schools are easier than others. A 3.8 at one school might be easier to get than a 2.8 somewhere else. Schools SHOULD be paying attention to the whole application package. The same can be argued about majors...

    You never know... maybe they were impressed with her time/experience with a CNA and had good recommendations to back up her application.
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  6. by   TrickieTam
    In my pre-nursing courses, I had to take 1 class most semesters cause I couldn't afford more than 2. Because I couldn't get financial aid through the school, I had to pay my way. Hmmm, what if they considered that for me I may have never got into nursing school.
  7. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I have a 3.77 for the nursing pre-reqs, but plan on having a 4.0 for Fall's application!!!!

    Why? Because I'm repeating courses! Why? Because I can! lol

    Actually, even if I have to repeat courses to get to a 4.0, it shows I'm dedicated. I'll do what it takes to get into nursing school! tyvm.