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for school/clinicals? Reading the buying scrubs thread and thinking about all white... just curious if white is the norm for most schools, or if any others have a little more color! LOL :)... Read More

  1. by   NurseDixie
    Oh, I forgot to add that this semester when we're in Peds we can wear scrub tops (any print) with our white pants. And when we have OB, we'll wear the hospital scrubs.
  2. by   Nightcrawler
    Ok, we have this ensemble that makes us instantly recognizable, as we wear all white, but not the traditional scrubs.

    We wear this sandwich board-like apron with cardinal piping along the edge, a school patch over the left breast, and pockets along the bottom. In style it kinda reminds me of the oldstyle over the head contraption that paper boys and girls (I was one) used to use to deliver newspapers on bikes.

    The apron is worn over a blouse with three buttons, a princess collar, and slightly poofy short sleeves which is worn over white scrub pants. We can wear a white scrub coat over it all, but, being heavy I look like the michelin man in the standar uniform because nothing is fitted, and the apron just hangs off of your shoulders to the top of your thighs, making this wall of fluffy white with piping

    The advantage is that the patients always remark at how nice and professional we all look, and tend to show a little more confidence in our abilities than they do to the students from other schools that wear scrubs. We are definitely instantly reccognizable Oh well, I only have three semesters left!
  3. by   PJMommy
    All white. And I'm so sick of all white I could SCREAM!! I'm so burning these suckers in December. We did get to wear any color top we wanted during peds rotation so we wouldn't "scare the kids".
  4. by   PlanetCaroline
    We wear whites with a gold polo shirt. The yellow will make positively make us glow. Like others, I am too clumsy to keep whites white. Sadly I never bothered to learn how to clean stains. I stained my favorite white shirt & figured pouring bleach directly on the stain should do the trick. Clorox got rid of the stain all right...by eating a big hole in the fabric. LOL. But I kept wearing it anyway.

  5. by   JnJTyson
    Our uniform for LPN school is wine color tops (we can pick the style of scrub top) and White pants. School patch on the left shoulder. White lab coat for clinicals, also with the school patch in wine. Plus our oh so stylish name tags with our picture on them. And we don't even get a chance to retake the picture! They use the same picture even though we get new badges every semester! =0( I was about 35 pounds heavier when I started in Feb! UGH!!! Such is life! I'm happy with our uniforms...compared to the new ones. They changed the uniforms for the newest class. Sandstone top, hunter green bottoms. They look like...janitors!! LOL

    Only problem with white pants in our class...we have a few crazy dressers...thongs, print underwear, and the one girl who wears red underwear (can't see it under the white beause of her color) but!! She wears them so low I swear her pants are gonna fall off one of these days..lol

  6. by   Jen2
    We have a white polo shirt with PSU embroidered on the front and a patch on one sleeve that says PSU Student Nurse. Followed with Navy Blue Landau pants. Also a Navy Blue Labcoat, that comes to our knees that we had to pay $50.00 for and are only allowed to wear to the hospital the night before clinicals over our dress clothes to review our patients chart for the careplan the next day. Too much money to spend to wear a half an hour a week if you ask me. Can wear any shoes as long as they are a "nursing shoe" and are all white.
  7. by   NATTY SN
    Our school uniform is royal blue scrubs. We are allowed to wear all white gym shoes in lieu of nursing shoe so that's a plus.
  8. by   LeesieBug
    I don't know what it is with wanting to put nursing students in vests. Our uniform is not toooo bad, but I could definitely do without the vest.

    The entire ensemble includes a white blouse with a dorky collar (for women, guys get to wear normal looking, oxford style shirts), white scrub pants or navy scrub pants (depending on the clinical location), topped off with a navy blue, unisex vest.

    Expensive, but good quality. I think I may feel just a wee bit conspicuous the first time I have to wear it out in public! It definitely screams STUDENT!
  9. by   EmeraldNYL
    White pants, flaming yellow polo shirt, and lab coat with huge school patch on the arm. Can't wait to burn it in three weeks!!!!
  10. by   nekhismom
    Originally posted by tmarie75
    Our uniforms are blue I think. I've oredered them, but haven't received them yet. I was hoping we could wear plain old scrubs. We even have to order a dress also. Does anyone else have to order a dress?
    Yes, we have to have a dress for our last semester. Our uniforms are all white with a bib on the front and a zip up back. They are so huge in some parts of the shirt and tight as can be around the arms! They are horrible!!! The only splashes of color are our school patch on the left sleeve and the blue stripes on the sides of our reversible bibs. YUCK!!!!!
  11. by   nekhismom
    Originally posted by PJMommy
    All white. And I'm so sick of all white I could SCREAM!! I'm so burning these suckers in December. We did get to wear any color top we wanted during peds rotation so we wouldn't "scare the kids".
    LOL!! We didn't even get a break during our peds rotation. We did scare the kids! They cried and ran from us. But we also scared the psych patients, too. They said that we reminded them of the "old nurses" that used to carry people off the the crazy house! He he
  12. by   Rhoresmith
    We have to wear either Hunter Green or White Scrub tops or a green or white polo shirt and hunter green pants We do get to pick whatever style we want (no cargo pants or cuffed pants) we can have a lab coat or scrub jacket and/or a vest in Hunter or White have school patches to sew on sleeves They do somtimes let the class pick a print if they can agree on one haven't done this for 2 years cause ADN and LPN classes could not agree I am sure I will be totally sick of this by the end of school and will never wear hunter again!!! Sure glad it is not all white or the bib things some of you have to wear Sorry !!!

  13. by   AmyLiz
    White, white, white and white. White top, white pants, white shoes, and white lab coat. :stone