What are you taking for summer session? - page 5

man, i'm dreading my summer classes but at least they will be done and over with: 1. research for nursing (3 semester credits) 10wks 2. management & leadership for nursing (3) 10wks 3. colloquium... Read More

  1. by   nursedaisy
    2nd semester nursing classes
    Med-Sug w/clinicals
    Nursing Research
    Living with loss
  2. by   jaimealmostRN
    Hey guys! I'm doing my awesome nurse externship from June 1st-Aug. 17th, and taking Nutrition for Nursing from June 1st-July (forget the date). Sooo not looking forward to the nutrition (I love McDonalds) and have already bought my new lilac color scrubs and littman cardiology for the externship!!! :hatparty:
  3. by   girlfromtx
    What I'm taking all depends on which nursing school I decide to go to. They each have really diff. requirements. One I will have to take philosophy (even though I've had two semesters of sociology), speech, and pathophysiology. The other I'd have to take algebra (in addition to the stats class I took bleh), an additional social science class, and for both programs I would have to take that microbiology lab that I dropped. So I need to decide before registration which school I want to attend then try to finish my classes before I start in the fall :hatparty: