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  1. Hi everyone, I just got accepted to Brockton Hospital School of Nursing and Cape Cod Community college in mass. They both have pros and cons so i was really hoping someone could give me their feedback if you attended either school and what you thought of it. I'm really confused on Brockton's because they offer you a diploma, but say if you meet all the requirements you can also get associate in science through Fisher College. I really want to move on and get my Bachelors so I didn't know if that would be a problem if I attended Brockton. Thank you!!!
  2. HI everyone, Does anyone know if Children's Hospital or any other hospital in Boston offers a nursing program? I think Mass General does but you have to have your ADN, (I think) So any responses would be great!!:)
  3. nursing26

    Waiting list????

    Sorry to make it confusing, but yeah I forget the way they worded it, but they have a waiting list that they only keep until the first week in September and then it will start all over again next fall, so I could be the next one on the list, or the 50th, who knows:o .
  4. nursing26

    Waiting list????

    Hi Everyone, I got my letter from Cape Cod Community College last week, and it said I am on their waiting list, and once September arrives the list gets thrown away. Has anyone been on the waiting list and actually got the chance of getting in? I think the one's that got chosen have to let the school know by May 19, so now I get to wait in suspense all over again:rolleyes: I got my letter from the other school I applied to and unfortunately I didn't get in, so I'm praying for this school!!!
  5. nursing26

    Acceptance Letter's yet????/

    Congradulations to everyone that got accepted , and good luck to everyone still waiting!!!!!!
  6. nursing26

    Acceptance Letters!

    Congradulations to you!!! I should be getting my letter anyday now, and I'm getting very impatient, everytime I look in my mailbox and it's not there, I get so discouraged:o but I kow it will eventually get here Good luck to everyone eveyone else still waiting!!!!
  7. nursing26

    What are you taking for summer session?

    5 week Micro, hopefully that's it:rolleyes:
  8. nursing26

    Acceptance Letter's yet????/

    Hi Everyone, I would just like to start off by saying hello and I think this website is so cool!!!! I've been on it for a while, but never got around to signing up. Anyway I'm very patiently waiting for my letter's of acceptance from Massasoit and Cape cod community college, and they should be arriving anyday, and I was just wondering if anyone that applied to either of them has gotten their's yet? I did all of my pre-req's and alot of other classes, so I'm praying I get accepted!! Good luck to everyone!!

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