What are you doing on X-mas break?

  1. OK guys, after this debit card fiasco (see just conversation debit card stolen for details) I'm ready for some GOOD news!! What's your plan for Christmas break? Vacation? Travel? Sleeping in? Long bubble baths sans textbooks? Time with family (are you my husband?)? Tell me all about it!

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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Hi Cheryl,

    i wished I had some exciting news to tell you about Christmas break but I don't. Lots Of Love

    I have picked up a part-time weekend job along with my full-time job to increase cash flow until Spring semester starts.

    I will be able to have quality time with my children in the evenings instead of studying for a few weeks! This is a plus!

    That is just about it for me.
  4. by   essarge
    Winter break.....hmmmm...picked up Spanish 1 to get it out of the way. It's tues and thurs 630 til 930. And saturday from 930 til 4. Other than that I'll be studying pharm/patho and microbiology for the next semester. I'll try to squeeze christmas in there somewhere too!!
  5. by   Katnip
    Christmas break I'll be spending the week before Christmas until New Year's with my family. Then Jan. 2, start classess for winter session. At least I won't have to worry what to do with myself during those few weeks.
  6. by   KristaB
    We're taking the kids to Disneyland for four days after finals are over. Then it will be Christmas, and after that, my youngest and I are going to Louisville (hopefully!) to visit my best friend. Then it will be time for classes again! Yikes!

  7. by   GPatty
    I'll probably just spend some much needed time with my beautiful family.

    I am going to try and get some studying in before I hit Med-Surg and Pharm, because I don't really know too much about either of these classes and I don't want to head into it empty...

    But Christmas cookies and candies and gifts and wrapping and snuggling with hubby and watching movies come first!

  8. by   Brown Suga
    i signed up for pharm as a course during winter intersession. it is going to be six intense day of meds. i want to do this to concentrate on one class and to light the load of my spring semester since i will can ob/peds clinicals.
  9. by   craff1
    You guys are sure daring and ambitious go-getters! Those winter intercession classes can be a real bear! I took intro to the new testament (don't ask!! it fit a G.E. requirement! haha) over winter break one year and just about burned out crispy!!
    But, you guys have a point, if I got a class out of the way I'd have less next semester, and wouldn't have so much time to feel sorry for myself for being single (again!!!) at the holidays. Maybe I'll look into that.
  10. by   peaceful2100
    Let's see here during break I will be spending time with my daughter, Working a little bit to get some extra money, spending time with my family, reviewing things we did this semester so they stay fresh like reviewing Pharmacology from this semester and practicing peds/maternity drug calculations for next semester. Last but not least spending time with my new boyfriend. Yes I said new boyfriend. In case you miss my post on another board. I have a new boyfriend. We just decided to become a couple the past sunday. We have been talking for 3 weeks now and we are so compatible even though he is a little older than me. He is 33 and I will be 22 in January but age don't mean a lot since we do have a lot in common. He is looking for a commitment and a wife but we are taking things nice and slow. Some of you who are married or engaged. When you first met your husband/wife or soon to be husband/wife did you know right away after the first date that they would be the one. You had the feeling. Well, for those of you who did then you know how I feel because that is exactly how I feel like this is the one. I am just going to be cautious and slow. He understands that I am in nursing school and it is different from many majors. Best part of all he accepts the fact that I have a 4 year old daughter since he has a daughter who is 13 (I know that is kind of pushing it a little since I am only 9 years older but she has her mother and I would NOT ever try to replace her mother). My life keeps getting better and better because more and more of my dreams are coming true with school and life overall.
  11. by   Lausana
    Oooh I can't wait! I will be working, making my Christmas presents for my family, after wasting a lot of money over the years I've found homemade gifts are the only kind my mom will not put in the back of the closet! And this will be the thriftiest Christmas ever Taking naps with my son-the only time he is cuddly now or isn't running! Doing some reading, making cookies...and probably lots of eating!

    Congrats Peaceful! What a nice early Christmas present I was wondering when you were going to give us an update!

    Best Break wishes-only a couple more weeks!
  12. by   80BETH
    last placement day 23 december
    going home to my parents for christmas
    then on the 26 december i'm flying over to ireland to see so family i miss them havent had the time or money to get over in nearly two years.
    then coming back to parents on the 30 of december then back to uni on the 7 of Jan
    ps i'm a UK student so i't not that extrem to fly over for 4 days.
  13. by   Tina Ennis
    Aahhh Christmas break!! 4 glorious weeks of no school. I am going to spend them curled up reading a book that has nothing to do with nursing. I am also going home to spend time with my family, my kids are really looking forward to seeing grandma, they are also going to be spending 2 weeks with grandparents after my husband and I come home so he and I will be spending some much needed quality time together. Sometimes he feels left out of my attention giving since most of it goes to school and then to my kids. But he understands that my school is very important and that the kids have a hard time understanding that mom is busy studying so he understands that they get time before him. He says he is ready for me to graduate in May so he can have his wife back!! He says he is ready to trade in the student for the employed nurse who doesn't spend hours at a time locked up in the bedroom or at the library studying.

    Well hope everyone has a Happy Holiday break!!

  14. by   seven
    thinking, thinking, and maybe some more thinking