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I'm switching into nursing to get my RN BSN and we get clinical rotations in all different areas including home care and community placements so it'll give us a nice variety of different types of... Read More

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    "The most knowledge possible" is also not a definitive term, nor is "advanced". Med-surg nurses use the broadest and most diverse nursing knowledge out there. They have to be alive and alert for all sorts of potential complications. Cardiac nurses specialize in conditions common to the heart and sequela that result from cardiac conditions or contribute to them. Neuro the same. Renal the same. Geriatrics the same. Oncology the same. Etc etc ad nauseum. To say "use the most knowledge possible" you have to consider the specialty involved to know what that means. Every nurse uses the most knowledge possible. I would not know the first thing about caring for a home health pediatric patient and you would dance circles around me. I do not have advanced knowledge in caring for ped patients in their homes. Far from it...I would be dangerous as heck.

    Acute care isn't the golden egg. Find a specialty that appeals to you and apply yourself with due diligence and sober self assessment. What you "like" may not be what you are good at. Pay attention to both what appeals and what you are good at and where those two intersect you will find your niche.
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    Not every position suits everyone. My nursing professor used to tell me that nursing needs all kinds of people because all kinds of people need nurses. So what kind of person are you? Where are your interests? What kind of working life do you envision for yourself?
    I feel i'm very compassionate and empathetic.. I was also looking into home care or clinic jobs so not strictly the hospital setting. I would probably prefer working with children or infants but I guess i'll find my "niche" after clinical rotations i'm hoping.
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    The job that pays the most and is the most advanced, requiring you to use the most knowledge possible.
    But what do you do if the best paying job isn't the one that is most "advanced"? What do you choose if the "advanced" nursing job offers a lower salary because everybody wants to work there, so they don't have to offer competitive wages?

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    Grasshopper, I wish you the very best. Nursing is an unstable position now. Many new grads can't even get that first job.

    You may or may not, gravitate to an area of nursing. The best job .. will be where you find one.
    Hit the nail right on the head. Even in a city like NY where I work a lot of new grads are having trouble. Especially because now where hospitals used to only require an associates for a RN job are now requiring a BSN. My best friend is a correctional nurse. At the time she was looking she wanted a hospital job but the county jail was the only place that would hire her. It worked out because she actually absolutely loves her job and she's good at it too.

    My first job was at a community hospital with an abysmal reputation. It looked like a crackhouse, staff morale was low, the equipment was archaic, management was a mess..it was just awful. But they gave me a job and were the only hospital that offered. A friend of mine at the time was a charge nurse at a LTC facility so she probably could have gotten me a job. But I knew I wanted to work in a hospital and I knew that taking a job I disliked in a hospital was better than taking a job I might like in another facility because the hospital experience is what another hospital was going to look for on my resume. So I worked a job I absolutely hated while I got the experience under my belt and it did pay off.

    So if you want a hospital job or clinic job or whatever apply to all the hospitals(or clinics or wherever you want to work) and take whoever wants to hire you. A few people in my class made the mistake of passing up an offer because it didn't pay as high as they wanted to and they wanted to hold out of a better paying job. Guess what that better paying job never came along and that put them in a bind. Greed can often cloud judgment.
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    First off, I can't believe people are saying it's tough finding work as a new grad. Here, there are tons of job offers and hospitals snatching up new grad RNs. Guess it differs from city to city. A lot of my peers and I enjoyed critical care. During school you will find an area you are potentially interested in, don't worry.