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Hi everyone. I think it is best to keep this on our bb. As it may get lost on the off topic bb. things fly by so fast over there So I had a cheat day yesterday. I am back on track again today. My... Read More

  1. by   2banurse
    OMG, last week when I finally dragged myself to the MD (pneumonia), they put me on the scale...yikes, I knew I gained weight, but holy cow! Well, it is my goal to try to lose about 5 lbs a month so that next fall when I do start nursing school (no acceptances yet, but I remain optimistic!), I'll feel more comfortable in my own skin!!! I figure if I set a small goal of 5# a month, it'll be much more doable than saying I'll lose 35 lbs by the time I go to school.

    I don't think that you should count on nursing school to lose weight if you use food as a stress reliever. Clinicals in the beginning are not going to be as active you wish, if that is your exercise plan.

  2. by   debyan
    OMG those shoes with a spring, I am so amazed. I don't think I have the testicles to wear them. deb
  3. by   slum-beautiful
    Currently I am 182 (I'm 5'9) most of the weight's in my hips/thighs/butt area *teehee* I weigh more now than when I was pregnant with my son (162). My goal is to lose 20-50 lbs (target weight: 135-150). I've changed my eating habits and have changed my diet to a more vegetarian based and I try to exercise at least 1 hour 5days a week (taebo, walking, rollerblading) and I joined a gym. I can actually see a difference now as my clothing are fitting looser. Good luck to everyone in achieving my goals
  4. by   Dublin37
    Hi everyone, I'm back. Ok, I finally gave up on trying to do it myself because my thighs keep spreading. I joined weight watchers which I've been on previously (3 times), but I have to say, I feel much more willing to do the journaling this time, which just might save me. I've only been on it for a week, but cool, cool, I'm able to cross my arms in front of my boobs! They say the first week, you lose mostly water, but I don't care, I'll take losing anything! So I rejoice, my buckle in my car is a little looser. Now I will come visit here more often for encouragement, because you guys are all so great. Heather
  5. by   passing thru
    I hope this bumps this thread up to current events.
    I was thinking this Monday Morning After Super Bowl Sunday, that it is nearly February 1st. All of us who vowed on New Year's to lose weight....How are ya doing? I have not lost a single pound. I am reaffirming my resolutions this a.m. Cinthiann--could you explain how & what you do with weights? Just one or two exercises?
  6. by   working2brn
    Hi, All!

    I was doing WW Points until about 3 wks ago (long story, bad excuses) but, in 6 wks time I had dropped 38 pounds. I have resumed it as of today
    The only exercise I do is walking, without tracking miles.

    Good luck to all!
  7. by   Dublin37
    Update here. Second week with WW and total weight loss, is 6 pounds! whooo hoo! OK, I have lots more to go, but still, it feels great, and fills me with hope. It will take a good year or more to get it off, so I am in it for the long run. My food cravings at night are the worst since that's when I have some down time. Any ideas? I'm dieing for real decadent stuff.
    I thought it would be fun for us to list some of our goals as we lose weight, other than weight numbers. Here's a couple of mine:
    ~Sit in a student desk comfortably :imbar
    ~Shop in a not plus size store for clothes
    ~Stop using baby powder:roll
    ~Tie my shoes without "oofing"

    How 'bout you guys? Heather