Weekend Only ADN/RN Nursing Program?

  1. Does anyone participate in a weekend only nursing program? If so, what is the schedule like? Is it every weekend? Every other weekend? When are clinicals, lectures etc? Does this leave you time to work during the week? Any input would be much appreciated as I am trying to plan the next phase of my life. D
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  3. by   peytonsmom
    I've never heard of a strictly weekends program. I don't see how they could possibly get all of the lecture/lab/clinical time done strictly on the weekends.

    The program I am hoping to get a spot in is a nights and weekends program. I work FT during the day so the traditional programs weren't going to work. This program is PT. If you have no gen ed classes completed at all it will take you 10 semesters to complete but that includes summer semesters, so about 3 years.

    If you don't have any of the gen ed classes done (English, Math, A&P, Micro, etc) it would be pretty intense schedule wise. You'd be looking at probably 4 if not 5 days a week from 5p-10p-ish and then every other weekend you would have clinicals from 7-2 Saturday & Sunday.

    Luckily I already have the gen ed classes finished so i'll be going 2-3 nights a week from 5-8 or 5-10 and then e/o weekend for clinicals and should finish in about 7 semesters.
  4. by   Scooter5
    I start a weekend program in Sept.. Regular semester schedule. 2 eves and clinical on Saturday. That is in addition to your other non nursing classes you need to take. Lucky for me I'm done the other classes!

    A different school I decided not to go with, it was every other weekend straight for 2 years, Fri afternoon, all day Sat and Sun.

    I work full time, so it was weekends/evenings or nothing.
  5. by   goodstudentnowRN
    I do all my classess online and my clinical is 8-10 hours every saturday or sunday. This works for me. It is 7 ten weeks terms of clinical. I work full time and go to school. Fortunately, I am almost done..one more course to go!
  6. by   colleenrnsw
    Not sure where you live, but Gwynedd-Mercy College in Pennsylvania has a Saturday and Sunday program and you are able to work during the week full time.
  7. by   mbifo
    Could you share which program this is? Thanks
  8. by   Scooter5
    The program I'm attending is in Upstate NY through Geneva General Hospital. In Syracuse, there is a program at St. Joseph's hospital and I think Crouse Irving Hospital has one as well.