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  1. Is anybody in the new Regis part-time evening/weekend BSN for non-nurses program? Are you able to work and to what degree? Thanks.,
  2. Could you tell me what nights during the week that most of the MBCC evening/weekend nursing program classes and clinicals take place? (I travel for work a couple of weekdays at a time but less than once a month and I have some control of what nights I'm away. I wondered if MBCC concentrates their classes/clinicals all throughout the week during a semester or if they concentrated activities such as Monday/Tuesday, Thursday/Friday?) This is a great forum, thank you.
  3. mbifo

    Lmh/Regis college & work

    Hi all! I would like to hear from current students or grads of this program. I have completed all my non-nursing courses so that if I'm accepted, I will only need to do is my nursing classes and clinicals. Is it possible to work full time if nursing & clinicals are the only courses you're taking per term? Thanks very much,
  4. mbifo

    GCC Weekend Program

    What a wonderful helpful series of posts. I am a Massachusetts resident looking to move to the Phoenix area to apply to the Glendale weekend program. I'll be coming out in November for another visit and would like to do some apt hunting. Could you share what areas are safest to live in for a single woman / what areas I should avoid, yet still within a reasonable distance from all school obligations? Thanks so much!
  5. I've heard of programs in PA, TX and AZ. Does anyone know of weekend-only nursing school programs in California? Thank you.
  6. mbifo

    Part-Time Maine Nursing School

    Hi, Maine nurses. Are there ADN programs in Maine that hold classes/clinicals on evenings and/or weekends? I need to work during the week and have finished most of my pre-req and gen ed courses. Thanks so much, Marie
  7. mbifo

    weekend ADN or oher-major BSN

    I can attend Monday and Friday (as my work has me traveling Tues-Thurs)
  8. mbifo

    weekend ADN or oher-major BSN

    Thank you so much for your kind reply. Yes, I've thought of moving to Texas. My situation is unique enough so that I have to go where the program is, but I do just love your state! Thanks again.
  9. mbifo

    weekend ADN or oher-major BSN

    Thanks. My travel schedule may interfere w/week nights. I'm wondering if anybody knows of a weekend-only program (like at Texas Woman's U?) in Colorado?
  10. mbifo

    weekend ADN or oher-major BSN

    Hi, Colleagues: I have a bachelor's degree in another major and work in the health regulatory field. I'm over 40, must work during the traditional work week and travel some. I may move to CO in 2010 and I'm interested in weekend-only programs, either ADN or BSN. Does anybody out there know of some? Thank You!
  11. mbifo

    Weekend Only ADN/RN Nursing Program?

    Could you share which program this is? Thanks