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Hey guys! How are all of you? I just can't seem to get enough of this site!!! I love it! :D Ok, here's my post for the night: What are some really good nursing websites? I want to know about sites... Read More

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    This is a website for what to do with your major. Click on Nursing and it has a ton of links to all the different jobs and specialties.
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    Here is a link that has helped me out with school!
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    There've already been a LOT of sites listed here, but still at least one more that I think is worthy of adding to the list. If you (ever! ) get through all those listed so far, try the New York Emergency Department RN site. LOTS of fun educational stuff to check out!
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    My apologies if this was listed before... I just came across this next website yesterday, and wanted others to check it out... favorite is the city guides, some of 'the best places for nurses to live and work'!

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    I tried the, it is not working.
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    What is a bump?
    I teach CPR for nsg students, I'm going to copy these and give them out! Thanks
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    On a forum board, just typing bump is just a way to "bump" this thread back to the top of the list so it doesn't move down with inactivity and soon pass out of sight on other pages and not be easily found by newer members - Now that it has been "Stickied" (One of the Moderators has set this thread so that it doesn't move down the list) it doesn't need to be bumped anymore by anyone to keep it on top

    All these links are great btw! Thanx to all for sharing them and please everyone keep adding to the list!
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    Thanks for explaining that.
    Does anyone have any good sites for nurse practioner students?
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    Was surfing the net and found this's very good!