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  1. Anyone else using this in their classes? I know that the college I am at that is what science department uses like there is no tomorrow. I like it because it gives you a few more resources.. At least I can keep retaking the quizs until I get the grade I want.
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  3. by   jessjoy
    Could you fill me on on what this is? It sounds interesting. Thanks!
  4. by   Lausana

    I've taken 3 distance ed classes that way & I loved it. <to explain it, its a kind of software(i guess that's what it's called!) that colleges can use, for us its all distance ed> & it offers the teacher a lot of flexibility on how they want to set up the "class site", email, chat, syllabus. I took psych through cable access and we took our tests through WebCT-it was so nice to see my grade right away and see how I did on each question ect.
  5. by   wannanurse
    It is nice to see your grades ASAP. They are using it for on line classes and with the regular classes as well. My AP teacher has us take our quizs on it. They have the whole book on line with it. It is all web base.
  6. by   Ortho_RN
    Our teachers also use WebCT.. They don't announce any changes in schedule or calendar, they say they are teaching us responsibility by making us do things on our own.... The quizzes are great.... This is my first experience with WebCT, but I like it...
  7. by   zacarias

    Well I've never heard of Web CT but our nursing program uses a thing called Blackboard which sounds very similar to Web CT. The profs can post further explanations of homework on this software/website, we also get our grades stat here. It's great. It's the future of nursing!

  8. by   Whisper
    My Uni also uses blackboard, allthough we don't get our grades over, it. We just get lecture notes, and anouncements. How do you get stat grades? Do your exams through blackboard???
  9. by   crnasomeday
    I've had classes for the last four semesters that use WebCT, and I'm a big fan! I love it because the lecture notes are always online and available and you get grades right away for quizzes and exams that are taken on it. Most of the classes I've had have integrated the WebCT stuff with the regular in-class lecture and stuff, but I have one class this semester which is completely online via WebCT. It's awesome because I can do my work at home at whatever time I want to do it instead of having to drive half an hour to class to go sit and listen to lecture for 50 minutes. Love it Love it Love it!
  10. by   wannanurse
    She does not put her notes on Webct. I wish she did. She has some of her notes on her own website. I wish she would put more. Some times I get into such a rush writting my notes, that I am not sure what I was writting about.
  11. by   crnasomeday
    I did forget to mention something about WebCT though...it does have its drawbacks. Did you ever hear of that famous anthropological study that looked at the impact of increasing technology on the lives of housewives. It's a pretty old study, but basically they found that all the new gadgets that were being produced and hawked as being products that would make the lives of homemakers easier (products like vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, etc), actually made their lives a little bit harder because as the technology advanced, the standards also advanced right along with it. Same thing with WebCT. Even though it's nice to have everything online like that, the problem is that you start getting extra assignments because everything is so convenient. In the past, if your classes were on Monday and Wednesday, your assignments would be due on those days. Now we get assignments that are due on weekends or holidays or whatever. You know what I'm saying? And the content of the classes gets larger and larger because the instructor knows that she can put her notes online and she doesn't have to limit herself in lecture to how fast you can write to take notes. I'm still a big WebCT fan though.
  12. by   CountrifiedRN
    We also use blackboard, and get our grades sometimes within hours of taking a test. We take the test in class using the bubble sheets and #2 pencil, then all the instructors have to do is put them through "the machine" as they call it. The exception is if there are any hand written answers on the test, then they have to be graded by hand as well. Even when grading written answers, we usually can get our scores by the end of the day, or at most so far, the next day. I love it! We just started getting our unit outlines and assignments on blackboard this semester, and so far it has worked out well.