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Bill the Cat, that is. I've been up part of the night just dreading Anatomy class today.:stone Please, someone tell me that there is educational merit in dissecting a cat in a human anatomy class,... Read More

  1. by   Energizer Bunny
    Maybe I am weird, but I loved dissecting our rat and fetal pig. Everyone thought I would have a hard time with the pig because I was eight months pregnant but it really was no big deal to me. I wish we could do a cadaver! I'd love it, I'm sure. I wish you all the luck in dealing with the situation...just try to look at it clinically. I mean, you ARE going to have to deal with humans and their problems (granted, they'll be alive but this is a good thing to help you prepare).
  2. by   Ari RN
    [font=Comic Sans MS]Oh WOW. Dissecting a poor cat. WHAT FUN. Anatomy and Physiology is a super fun class. I enjoyed it very much. Too bad we didn't dissect anything. I hope no one get's defensive. This is my opinion.

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  3. by   kids
    Quote from sunshinenor
    My cat was sent to me at my house via UPS, in a big white box...no labels or anything, and I wasn't expecting it yet....so when I opened the box, my 4 yr old and his friend were right there helping me open it....then they both just gasped when they saw the cat, I about died and immediately shut the box....My son asked me, "Mom did that cat scratch up your furniture too????" It was very hard to keep a straight face...

    My kids would have been THRILLED by it (really).
    They spent a lot of time hanging around the A&P lab (Saturday lab with a very cool instructor and lots of single parents). Not only were my kids undamaged by seeing people disecting cats my oldest was facinated by it and by the "dead things in jars".

    We disected our cats over 2 quarters. Despite daily sprayings with a formalin solution they were kinda tattered by the end of it all.
  4. by   All_Smiles_RN
    I was always the student in high school that opted for book work over the dissections. My A&P lab professor wasn't having that, lol. I started out by just watching others participate. Soon enough though, I was dissecting myself. I eventually felt like a pro at it! I know its tough to stomach, but it really does become easier with time. Good luck!