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  1. Does anyone know of a website that actually show demonstrations of how to do vital signs? We had our first vital sign lab today and I wanted to see more demonstrations before I go back and practice at our 2nd lab.
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    That helped a bunch, thank you!!
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    yes, I already passed it on to my lab mates in clincals. Thanks for the post!!
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    Thank you, thank you - those are a great help to us "beginners"!
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    No vitals on this one, but in the next few weeks and months, this one will help you alot - it has basically everything else you do in lab.
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    Darn - they moved these to a secure site!!!
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    there are some videos on how to take vital signs on one or two of the medical school physical assessment websites listed on this sticky thread:
    the virtual blood pressure cuff - - from ohio state university college of medicine. you can practice taking blood pressures online. to access the blood pressure cuff, scroll down to "objective iv" and click the link that says "take a blood pressure". when the player comes up follow the directions. you can re-cycle the player over and over to hear and input blood pressure readings that it quizzes you on.
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