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I got a letter in the mail from "USA Scholarship Services" in Washington, DC. They say that for a $25 fee, I will be guaranteed at least $1000 in scholarship monies, or my money back. Sounds a... Read More

  1. by   carverbonnie
    I just got a letter from them yesterday and the first thing my husband said was "scam"! I am throwing this away too. Glad I checked out
  2. by   funkbekka
    thanks for bringin this up!! I am glad I checked first before filling that scam scholarship form! Did anyone report this to someone about this scam business?

  3. by   carverbonnie
    Good idea-I hope someone reported them, I guess I am not sure how to.
  4. by   wiserspride
    I just received a letter too and googled USA Scholarship Services to see if it is legitimate and it brought me here. Glad I did, now I know to throw it away. Boy, there are scams for everything!
  5. by   FLmomof5
    I never got one of those letters, but inside the door of our FA office at school shows a letter with handwritten on it in marker.... "This is a SCAM!"

    I worked with the financial aid office and received a BCBS Allied Health scholarship. They are your best resource.
  6. by   wiserspride
    I called the phone number on the letter, they said you are paying for a "list" of places where you can apply for scholarships, they don't actually give them out. Everyone, don't send a dime!!
  7. by   s103adidas
    I also got the form, I was all excited until I saw the processing fee of $27 dollars. Knew it was a scam but decided I'd research it. Does anyone know where you can report these things? I am going to take it to my school and see what they say.

    Also does anyone know where to apply for legit nursing scholarships?
  8. by   Tiffie1210
    I just got a letter from them in the mail today. I was excited and said I was gonna give it a try until my mom said lets google it and this forum popped up and so did some other stuff that said it was a SCAM! I throwing this letter out NOW! THANKS EVERYONE
  9. by   Sand_Dollar
    I just got this letter in the mail today... they never give up, this thread began in 2004. AND, they raised their price to $29, guess their not getting enough 'applicants'. LOL

    Will be sent to the circular file!
  10. by   mcneillmama3
    This is so funny..... I got one of those letters today myself and the processing fee has gone up again. They are asking me for $29, guaranteed that I qualify for at least $1000 or I get the money back. I am hearing alarms and whistles on this one myself. It wreaks with SCAM. I think I am going to report this to the NC State Attorney General's Office. This would also be considered mail fraud since it involves money.
  11. by   rach2674
    I got the same thing over a month ago and it's been sitting here. I just found this forum and glad I did. Anyone have any luck with a scholarship resource other than FAFSA?

    P.S. I'm having my Fundamentals meltdown this week! Luckily only a month left to go in this class and I'm hoping it gets better (as in a light at the end of the tunnel).