1. I'm halfway through the nursing program. The only pre-req I had left was micro. I'm taking it this summer and just started my class last week. I'm an A student, always gotten A's in my biology classes, but this one seems to be overwhelming! I wasn't worried about it until I actually started. To top it all off my instructor is (I think) from India and has a VERY strong accent and I cannot understand half of what he says. Any tips or advice about getting through this? There is SO much reading and to me it's extremely boring. I love reading my nursing books, but this is just not my thing! It takes me hours to read just 10 pages of this stuff and actually understand it. Please help!!
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  3. by   kmarie724
    What really helped me in micro was the lab. Just reading the book, I didn't understand a thing, but once I saw the concepts "in action" during lab, I gained a much better understanding. Maybe trying forming a study group with some of your classmate. Good luck!
  4. by   kangaroo621

    As someone who majored in microbiology... I take offense!!! Just kidding!

    Here are some tips...
    -Try to do your reading in small chunks -- you are more likely to remember it than trying to cram it all in at the same time and your attention span won't be pushed so far!
    -Try to do the reading BEFORE your class. That way you will know what areas you have trouble understanding and can ask questions during the lecture if appropriate... it will also keep you up to date better and if all else fails and you get behind, you're jsut reading it after class... not weeks later
    -review your notes after class with friends -- this can help decipher some of the language barrier issues you might be having... and it helps you study too!!
    -lots and lots of flash cards... there is a ton to memorize in micro - note cards are great since you can pull them out for a few minutes virtually anywhere
    -go to your teacher (even if it's intimidating that you don't completely understand what he's saying 100% of the time) and ask what you can do to keep up stay on top of things
    -it is good you are realizing NOW that you are struggling, instead of near the end of the class... even just that awareness will be crucial

    GOOD LUCK & I hope you don't hate microbiology for ever!!

  5. by   Freedom42
    For what it's worth, I'm in the same boat. I started an accelerated micro class in mid-May and am about to reach the halfway point.

    I found the first two weeks bewildering because of the emphasis on DNA and RNA. I had to digest and memorize a lot of processes. But now that we're beyond the first exam -- and beyond the cellular level to epidemiology -- I've found the class a lot more interesting and the reading a lot easier.

    So, yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  6. by   me33
    What book are you using. Maybe I could send you my quizzes?
  7. by   SmetRN2008
    Thanks everyone for the replies!! Me33, I'm using Tortora 9th Edition. If you're using the same book it would be awesome to get your quizzes. We have our first quiz tomorrow over CH 2.
  8. by   me33
    I had the same book. Send me your email address to i will attach what I have for quizzes.
  9. by   TazziRN
    I hated micro, it was the hardest class by far of my pre-reqs and nursing classes. I did great with anatomy, had trouble with the part of physio that I could not see with the naked eye, and darn near flunked micro. I had trouble because I couldn't see the actual processes of what was happening in the lab.
  10. by   Daytonite
    you have got to change your thinking about microbiology around quickly or you are condemning yourself. start thinking, "i can do this." here are some links i have on microbiology that you can use to help you study: - links within this lecture guide take you to information on subjects taught in this microbiology class of dr. kaiser at the community college of baltimore county. there are some quiz questions within the linked pages. will link you into his lecture notes, illustrations, animations and photographs as well as a lab manual - this biochem 4 schools, an online collection of links to biochemistry tutorials for students, this is such an extensive site it is better to use the search feature to input a keyword to bring up tutorials you will be interested in. - this is a free online textbook of microbiology - lots of links to information. a very extensive site of information. - this link will take you into the online companion study guide for students for brock's biology of microorganisms, 8th edition. at the bottom of the page you chose a chapter and click on the link to "begin". you will have access to the chapter note, multiple choice questions with hints and scoring where you will be given the correct answers. - todar's online textbook of bacteriology links in to all kinds of information for students of microbiology. this textbook is maintained by a professor at the university of wisconsin-madison. - student assistant site from mcgraw hill for nester, anderson, roberts microbiology: a human perspective textbook. click on the "student center" to enter the learning activities and quizzes. - check out the micro quizzes
  11. by   srkastc
    I fell your I'm in A&P and am floundering - not because the material is particularly hard-but because I am required to master it in such a short period of time.

    Micro is not easy and it does require alot of reading and studying. Being that it is a summer class-you have less time to learn everything.

    I would study concepts in chunks. I used the web site associated with my text book. It offered flash cards, practice quizzes, outlines and study guides. I also Googled topics and researched them when I struggled.

    As for the professor, ask if you can record him. That way you can listen and re-listen to things you miss in class. Also, do not be afraid to ask the professor to repeat him/her self. If it is inconvenient during class, approach him/her after class and ask for clarification. Usually, instructors are very accomodating.
  12. by   KyPinkRN
    I too had problems with micro... don't feel bad.
    The site below may not help you now since you are still studying DNA and RNA, but when it came to studying the different medically important bugs it was invaluable to me. I actually got an A on the test in which I studied this website.
    As for advice on learning the processes... hang in there its only part of the class. It does get better.
  13. by   graceKelly
    good thing i read this thread since i'm having microbiology this semester. thanks daytonite for the links. you see, i still don't know what book is right for this subject so i need all the help i can get.

    to all having micro problems, hang tough! you (we) can do it.
  14. by   Nurse-One
    When I started Micro this summer, I came to class thinking I would have THE hardest time in this class since the terms were very different and the professors I had for Lecture and Lab are both difficult. Like one of the earlier post wrote think "I Can do this".

    This is the same concept that I had, I took the challenge as something that I would over come and so far its working. I'm doing better in this class then anyother biology class (to my suprise). As far as the professor with the accent, I'm not sure if he uses power point or give notes. But you should ask him to give at least an outline stating the terms that the class should know. Also I usually try to get an idea of what the professor might be like by going to RATEMYPROFESSOR.COM Ounce at the site pick your state and the college and (hopefully) the professor is listed there with comments from students that he had previously. If you feel like the professor will not be your 'type' then you can try to avoid taking there class. Of couse sometimes courses overload quickly and all the difficult professors are left to chose from.

    Good luck