Trauma in the ER

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if anyone else is addicted to TLC's "Trauma in the ER" or shows like it. I can't get enough and my friends all think that I am sick.
    Did you guys see the last episode where a man had fallen off his ladder while working outside and fell onto a bush? Well the unlucky fella fell right onto a 4" branch that went right thru his rectum up into his abdominal cavity. It stopped at his diaphragm just missing his heart. Not only that but it missed just about every organ in his body!!! I think it ruptured his bladder but other than that he was ok!! more ladders for me.
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  3. by   BranRN
    ADDICTED...Love The Learning Channel.

    I saw the episode you were talking about....poor fella looked very uncomfortable. Lucky though.

    Any body else addicted.............

  4. by   CountrifiedRN
    I like that show, but haven't had time to watch it in quite a while. Plus my hubby and kids hate it, too gross for them.
  5. by   MidwifeWannaB
    Extremely addicted!!!
    My mother and sister got me hooked on Trauma and they're not even in the health profession. Course, my mother's favorite shows are those Wildest Police Chases, so that could explain it.
    I also love Maternity Ward and Labor and Delivery. That's what I hope to go into when I graduate, so I can't get enough!

    Glad to know I'm not the only one. By the way, that branch up the booty episode isn't new--I saw it a few months ago and all I could do was sit there with my mouth open the whole time.

  6. by   emily_mom
    I didn't get to see the unfortunate fella in question...only after he got out of surgery.
  7. by   Keely-FutureRN
    I have never seen that show but I feel for the poor guy. I like the paramedic show where they go to the scenes of car accidents and follow paramedics and fire crews around. There was this one episode where a family had been in a car accident and the girl in the back seat had a fractured scull and a broken leg. My family hates any shows having to do with medical emergencies because it is too gross for them. They don't like seeing any blood or needles or anything.
  8. by   maire
    Oh OUCH.:stone
    Some of the shows I like, and there are quite a few on the Discovery Health Channel that I enjoy as well. I prefer the "real life" shows, and as much as I love OB that dern "Baby Story" on TLC is such a horrible show. Everything is pink and blue and peachy keen and la la la... LOL I once saw my obstetrician do a c-section on one of those shows. Cracked me up because he talked more on that show in front of the cameras than he ever did when he was delivering my baby!
  9. by   srose
    ohmygosh....sooo addicted to the Trauma show!! as well as Maternity Ward, on right after that. those shows, as well as the discovery health channel, (oh, and BBC America) are the reason i got cable!!

  10. by   kids
    My youngest (18) gets excited when they show episodes from Emanuel in Portland Oregon..."thats MY doctor" (Andy Michaels)...course if he even vaguely remembered any of the details of his treatment he wouldn't think Dr. Micheals is so cool.
  11. by   Jennerizer
    Did you see the one where the older man had a motorcycle accident--he was thrown off his motorcycle & into a gas station sign. He ended up having to have both arms & one leg amputated because they were beyond repair, yet he had no internal injuries. They didn't think he would make it, but he did. And he even had a good mental outlook.....he was thankful that he didn't injure anyone else & felt that God must have a purpose for him since he was still alive. Amazing!!!!

    I love those shows too.

  12. by   nursbee04
    So addicted!! I was SUPPOSED to be studying for a pharm exam when i looked up (had the sound down really low on the tv) and saw the branch sticking out of the poor guy . So of course I put down my pharm notebook and turn the volume up!! I also like Maternity Ward. I personally think they should do a show about nurses, too.

  13. by   OBNurseShelley
    i AM WAY addicted, too!
  14. by   kimmicoobug
    Ouch!!!....I love that channel (but not a fan of the show) and Discovery, and sometimes Discovery Health. I love all of those forensic shows and history shows. I also love Maternity Ward, but can't stand A Baby Story.