Too old?

  1. I turned 60 in October. I had some health issues that took me out of an MSN program a few years ago. I had thought to never return, getting closer to retirement age. Now I'm feeling a familiar urge to return to school. Do you think it would be worth it if I went back?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Some things to consider:

    1. Is your health still going to be an issue?
    2. Can you do clinicals and keep up?
    3. What kind of job are you hoping to get?
    4. How many more years do you plan to work?
    5. How much does the program cost and will the increased earnings make up for this?

    Best wishes - personally I think its doable provided you are healthy.
  4. by   RN0599
    Thanks for your reply. I had always planned to work until I turned 70. I want to do primay care in an addictions setting. I am generally healthy. I had diverticulitis and left hemicolectomy in 2015 and retinal detachment in 2016. I have to work. I'm single, have no children. I just worry that I will regret not finishing my MSN. I have 2 courses and preceptorships remaining. I feel compelled to do this!
  5. by   NicoleElizabeth
    I say do it. I'm older and it's always been a concern if I will get glanced over because I'm in my forties. I'm hoping not!
  6. by   Lavender111
    Agree totally with Trauma. I highly recommend a community college program. It will be pretty rough taking out a loan for school and paying it back while you get closer to retirement and need money saved up for that and will have no income.
  7. by   Devon Rex
    If that is all you have to do... go for it!! I'm 48 and think will probably work until 70 (if my dad is any indication).
  8. by   meanmaryjean
    That's all you have left? Do it! I STARTED my DNP (non-clinical) at 60.
  9. by   Oldmahubbard
    Why not go for it?
  10. by   amoLucia
    Go for it before your credits time-lapse.