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  1. Hello all. I thought it would be benefitial to have an area for us to list any tips or tricks that have kept you organized, have been a lifesaver for you, or something you think would be of use. It can be anything from home to school. So, do you know of any unique and helpful tips, tricks or advice for your fellow student?

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  3. by   mcknis
    Stay in school! ...Ok, but it is true. But, the best tip I have come across is to carry extra pens and always have a sharpie. Keep some tape on your stethoscope (great place) and another good tip, keep your phone off or on vibrate. I will have some more tips later.
  4. by   amyk_ncsu
    I use a calendar that is monthly so you can see the whole month at once. I dont even buy one that has the individual days. Seeing the whole month at once helps me to prioritize and see big events and exams coming up instead of being surprised when I turn the page to the next week/day.

    I also make lots of lists. From going to the grocery store to what I need to do in a day to stay on track. Making lists for school work helps to accomplish everything and see exactly what I need to do to have a "successful" day.

    One more! Every night before I go to bed I clean up and organize everything. Everything has a home and if I put it all away (clothes, books, everything!) then when I get up the next day I am ready and know where everything is instead of wasting time looking for things when I'm likely in a hurry.
  5. by   chysyl
    I put every easily forgetable things in my uniform's pokets on the previous day , jotter, pens and extra incase i run out of ink, name tag and id card,seth and nurses' watch. Keeping my phone on vibrate prevents unecessary attention on me whenever i get a call and prevents distraction.
  6. by   SoulShine75
    Plan your study time, that way you can get other things accomplished because you know you've set aside time to don't need the added stress.

    Have your kids/hubby whoever help with the house cleaning and cooking. If you have no one, then let it get messy and plan a day on the weekend to get caught up.

    Try and organize your study material after every lecture, that way when it comes time for you to study, it's already organized and you aren't spending a whole day or two making all your notes. (I have learned this the hard way). :uhoh21:

    Take some time out for yourself. Take a long bubble bath, read a magazine, go out with friends, whatever. Just don't spend all your days holed up in your home with text books up to your ears. (Learned this the hard way too).

    Memorize your lab values and electrolytes. You'll see them repeated throughout every semester.

    Don't get behind. This is how people fail, I've seen it first hand.

    and finally.......

    Take a deep breath and remember that so many people are feeling the way you are as well. Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't get and A every time. Just focus on doing your best and getting through it.

    Hope this helps. :spin:
  7. by   #1rnstudent
    Make a notebook for clinical. Something you can keep in your pocket and stick notes in like lab values you need to know but can't seem to memorize, vital sign normal values for those beginning out there (yes, we have all started there too LOL), skills you need to learn, important phone numbers, etc. A good stethoscope, a PDA, good notebook, handwashing, and a good pair of shoes will get you far!
  8. by   OnTheRoad
    My best friend in clinicals last semester was my pocket notebook and several pens (they always seem to walk away on me). For some reason I was the only one that carried them and it was really helpful to jot all my vitals and notes in so when I did my paperwork both that day and for careplans I had an easy reference of everything my brain may not have kept on file quite that long.
    I always packed my bag for school or clinicals the night before so I didn't forget anything.
    For those who are nervous starting clinicals... do not forget to get SOMETHING in your tummy before clinicals even if your butterfly's are flying. food is very important .
    If you have kids to get to school or daycare in the AM, get everything that is needed for the morning set out the night before so mornings can be a little less hectic.
    Most of my class thinks I am a goofus because I wear two watches. I have one that has that indiglo thing so if I enter a sleeping patients room I can take vitals without turning on the light and waking them (helpful if you have trouble counting respirations... was easier for me while they were sleeping at first). I don't adore this watch though because the face is small and my eyes are failing me so I also have a nice big faced watch on my other arm that I prefer if I am not in the dark. I couldn't seem to find a large faced with indiglo and a sweep hand.
    Well there are a few anyway Good thread
  9. by   cherokeesummer
    Get your uniform ready/set up (even down to socks and undies) the night before, put your stuff in the pockets ahead of time if you can. (watches, id badges, steth, pens, notepad).

    I used to make up a sheet to jot down stuff but now I just use a small notebook that fits in my vest pocket.

    Keep snacks (special k bars, granola bars, etc.) in your clinical bag or pockets so you can eat on the go.

    Keep extra money in your clinical bags or pockets or badge holder so you have money if needed.