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  1. chysyl

    Jobs in Kuwait

    I am also interested in getting nursing jobs abroad. I am a Nigerian, currently working as a staff nurse here but i would like to study and work abroad. I will appreciate any info as to how to go about it. Thanks.
  2. i've been a nursing student for 2years plus and i've watched some of my patients die. there's always that feeling of saddness even if its not for the dead but for those who will have to carry on. sometimes too i cant just define my feelings esp in patients with terminal illness who sometimes i wonder why they are still living but it dosent stop me from hoping for a miraculous change and when it does come it either gets better......which what i'd really like......or it gets worse:(......or the patient dies...in this case i'm neither happy nor sad but i feel it's better for everyone concerned. i dont think i'm ever going to get used to patients dying but i've gotten used to doing last office.
  3. chysyl

    DO somthing good, save my life! At least my sanity!

    You can use the common drugs used in the hospital where you carryout your clinicals as a study guide and know your dosages very well.
  4. chysyl

    Tips, Tricks And Advice

    I put every easily forgetable things in my uniform's pokets on the previous day , jotter, pens and extra incase i run out of ink, name tag and id card,seth and nurses' watch. Keeping my phone on vibrate prevents unecessary attention on me whenever i get a call and prevents distraction.
  5. chysyl

    What is the psych rotation like?

    I loved my psych posting, we worked in a mental hospital for 3wks. It wasnt as stressful as the normal usual hospital posting.We worked in different units, like the wards, adolecent and out patient dept. On the wards we didnt have much to told we had time to talk to the patients who were sober enough to talk with us. I enjoyed the out patient dept more than the rest cos there we get to take the patient's history and the story is usally interesting and different from the both parties. The drug ward was also interesting(that's where drug addicts were nursed). Some of the patients told why they go into durgs and become addicted.
  6. chysyl

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    I became a nurse after several attempts of writing exams to get addmission into the university failed. While i was in primary sch i always wanted to work in the hospital and i grew up thinking that the only way to do so was to be a doc. An uncle told me about the sch of nursing form in 2000, i bought the form in 2001 got addmitted in 2002,finished 2005 and i've enjoyed every moment.
  7. chysyl

    What's it like the first time you...

    The frist time I gave i.m inj i was really scared, I thought i'd broken a nerve or something, i couldnt wait to go back the next day to check on the patient but it was easy. I've never inserted an i.v but i will soon. Where i'm training nurses are not allowed to insert male foley's and i really dont know why. I've inserted female foley's and it went easily the only time i had a problem was with a circumcised patient it was difficult locating the urethral. I've learnt that with much practice procedurly it becomes a part of you.
  8. chysyl

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    hi i'm chioma, 25yrs, single and in 3rd year of a 3 year rn program. i'll finish next year may.
  9. I found the second semester most hectic while I enjoyed the thrid semester.Because during the 2nd semester i had about 92 med/surg topics, 17 pediatrics, and in pharmac the drugs for all the systems to cover in 11 wks.
  10. chysyl

    Seriously.....5 Patients????

    Well in my own country nurses are usually short staffed,sometimes it's one nurse to 17patients.During my first year clinical posting i had 20patients and we were 4student nurses on duty,so we each had five patients to nurse.Of course we were being supervised and we did well.it made us more confident at work.Now,in my final year i get to manage the ward under supervision especially during the afternoon shift. I believe starting with 5patients right now will boost your confidence when you become RN,so go do it.
  11. chysyl

    Your Worst Mistake

    My worst mistake was the day i was supposed to add 130mg of quinine into 130mls of 4.3% dextrose saline via a buretrol but i ended up putting it through the wrong opening of the buretrol so the whole quinine poured out. What really made me feel bad was how the child's mother yelled at me and the nurse in charge didn't help matters when she found out. She called me and spoke to me in such a way that i felt incompetent i felt like not resuming to work the next day. Our supervisors always tell us nurses don't make mistakes but they forget we're human and could make mistake. I think the important thing is to learn from our mistakes and contiune our good work and not to give up. I'm glad i reported to duty the next day coz i was able to apologise to the child's mother once again.:blushkiss
  12. chysyl

    What medical shows do you watch?

    I love watching CHICAGO HOPE it's still on and ER anytime I can.
  13. THANKS A LOT. Those websites really came in handy.
  14. chysyl

    How did you hear about allnurses.com?

    Through the search engines and i'm having a great time.
  15. Ibo,Nigeria I believe that a persons state of mind and feeding habits have great influence on your health and well being. I sometimes think that some illness like cancer have supernatural origins. Self medicatons and traditional medications None Prayers mostly Primary health care and media Hope this we help
  16. chysyl

    How much autonomy do nurses have??

    nurses do have a degree of autonomy but it all depends on your specialty and how much of your initiative you want to use.