Tips for Good Entrance Essay?

  1. Hi, I'm starting to apply to some nursing (R.N.) schools (currently working on pre-req's), and was wondering if anyone had any good tips for writing an entrance essay on why you want to be a nurse and what your goals are? The last part is easy, but how do I separate my "why" apart from everyone else that says "I want to help people?"
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  3. by   SFCardiacRN
    Just speak from your heart. Since the instructors have already seen every possible reason, make sure your spelling and grammar are excellent. Run on sentences should be avoided. Including terms like fascinating career and leadership opportunities should do the trick.
  4. by   Daytonite
    I suggest to people that they try to come up with some sort of anectdote or incident in their lives that involved a nurse, or someone closed to them who was ill and taken care of by a particularly special nurse. Load it up with emotion. Let them have tears in their eyes by the time they get done reading it. People remember things that give them an emotional response, like crying, or even laughing. This is one situation where a little drama can go a long way to help you out!

    Just noticed this thread in this forum that is currently ruuning. You ought to read through it.
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  5. by   ChristineN
    Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. You've both given me some ideas.
  6. by   RNin2007
    If you can, try to find a junior or senior that has already been accepted to the school where you would like to go and look at theirs. This is what I did. I didn't "steal" anything at all, but it gave me an idea as to what they are looking for. Also, on the school website they should have criteria as to what they are looking for in prospective students. For instance, this is on my schools website:

    What should be on my one-page statement of purpose?

    Your one-page statement of purpose needs to express what draws you to nursing, what you think the role of a nurse is, and what your goals as a nurse will be.
    In addition, the following points should be included as they relate to your desire to become a nurse:

    • relevant healthcare work experience you have had
    • relevant community volunteer experience you have had
    • any cross-cultural experience you've had and/or languages you speak
    • relevant examples of educational or social obstacles/barriers you've overcome
    • Your statement of purpose represents you in terms of your written communication skills, so please be sure it is clear and well-organized.

    (Tip: Copy and paste from a notepad document. Please keep formatting very simple.)

    Cover all areas of that in your essay! Also have several people whose opinion you trust review it for you and make suggestions. I had one particular mentor I worked with that helped me on mine...I spent several months writing it...putting it away for a bit, then coming back to it. This is what I did and I got in =). My GPA was only a I know my essay had something to do with it.

  7. by   TheCommuter
    Basic tips for a good entrance essay are below.

    1. One intro paragraph with 3 to 5 sentences.
    2. 3 to 5 body paragraphs, each with 7 to 10 sentences.
    3. One conclusion paragraph with 3 to 5 sentences.
    4. Flawless punctuation, grammar, spelling, and phraseology.
    5. Write the essay on an issue that's important to you.

    I wrote my essay on the growing popularity of international adoptions, even when there's an abundant supply of children available for adoption in the U.S.
  8. by   Winningjob
    I just wanted to thank everyone for such wonderful suggestions! I am working on my essay and although it is only 100 words or less I wanted some great pointers to get started. I know that I have to address Why I want to be a nurse and I feel that I should be accepted into the program. I was thinking of answering those two questions as well as highlighting my personal qualities; professional achievements; dreams and plans for future.