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I am so furious right now I could- and have- screamed. We are in the middle of registration for the spring term, and I went into the system to register for the courses my advisor told me to take. ... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Quote from IMustBeCrazy
    I understand what you are saying Tweety, I just don't agree. Like I said before this VP gets paid to solve problems, and in this instance, it wasn't in the posters discretion to wait otherwise classes would fill up. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, 'cause no one else has your best interests at heart.


    I agree with you. Something obviously needed to be done by the original poster.

    Nothing irks me more than being misunderstood. Communication is a two-way street If I'm told "you're agressive" , I have to deal with it. Because it's how it is interpreted. Whether aggressive or not isn't the point. The point is someone in power thinks it was.

    Calling the op agressive could have been a passive-agressive technique to shut him up and re-establish control. Very poorly handled if so.

    But you're right, sometimes you just gotta step on toes. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
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    Quote from BamaBound2bRN
    Like many of you have said, he feels it is EVERY faculty and administrators RESPONSIBILITY to insure students have, at the very least, a perception that they are appreciated. He told me that he has put off meeting with his Chancelor and even Governor to "Take care of a students perceived crisis."

    I agree and I like you would feel cheated if this wasn't delivered.
  3. by   smk1
    I am glad that you finally got into you class at least. Now my words of advice are "cooperate and graduate". I t may ge hare when they hae you dancing like little monkeys and jumping through hoops, but the reality is that there are HUNDREDS of students vying for a few dozen spots in most schools, so sadly the school really could care less about indvidual students issues. They don't need you, but at least for now you do need them. Come here to vent (but don't name names or the school because you never know who is here!), play there game and excel at it, then after graduation and passing the NCLEX feel free to write a letter stating why you will not be a patron of this school or be making an donations in the future as an alumni. Money is thge only thing thses people care about. Good luck to you and get a backup plan in the works right away.
  4. by   IrishItalianRN
    Oops sorry about the sister thing...i think the "aggressive behavior" made me think it was a fellow "Italian Princess" HAHAHA My husband will get a kick outta that too. He likes to make fun of me when at all possible (doesnt happen very often mind you LOL)
    So did everything work out for you ?!?!
  5. by   IMustBeCrazy
    :roll :roll :roll

    Italian family here also that takes NO crap!

  6. by   charlies
    Regardless of why, your future in the program is not looking that positive right now. I would look at other schools.