The wait is killing me!

  1. i took my fundamentals final this morning and why, just why couldn't we get our results the same day! i would have to do very, very bad to fail, but i am still anxious.

    i need to just get over it and prepare myself for my final in pharmacology tomorrow morning.

    how long did or does it takes for you to know your score, especially the final exams scores?

    to all who are still taking finals [myself included], all the best to you!

    one more day and then i can exhale! lots of love
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  3. by   jdomep
    I am awaiting my grades too! Flew to the mailbox today for nothing I think I'll "exhale" when I get my grades...
  4. by   Ortho_RN
    Well.. We ALWAYS get our scores right after the test.... Because my school is one of those where you must make at least a 75 on EVERY test to pass.... So this way we know... Which is good... So we basically know...

    I am mad about my grades.. I was one point from a B, so I ended up with a C, which sucks.. My first semester I was one point from a A, so go figure OH WELL
  5. by   futurenurse03
    I know how ya feel. I just got my final grades last Thurs. It was like I was awaiting a death sentence. I took the test that morning and got the results that evening. I thought I would have convulsions during that time, but I did'nt. I passed, thank God, with 80%. At my college ya have to have a 75% in each course and at final grade to pass, and if ya fell one class ya fell out of the program. That is awful! My class started with 50 students in first semester, and now in second semester we have a total of 13. Big drop huh! It is so scary. But, with determination and the grace of God, I will get through. So will ya. Think Positive. Good luck to everyone awaiting their finals & God Bless.
  6. by   maire
    Don'tcha hate that???

    Good luck, Stephany - I'm sure you did great!
  7. by   Gator,SN
    My final is Tuesday @0800. I am nervous and tired and basically sick to death of this semester. Last year they gave us our final grades within 3 hours. I'm not sure how it will be this far they have posted the grades the same day, so I hope to know by tomorrow evening.

    GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!! BEST WISHES!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. by   vashka25
    I wrote my finals last week, and our marks aren't mailed out until today or tomorrow.......they won't post grades anymore due to students complaining it was a conflict of confidentiality. (bah humbug I say)
    So like the rest I you I must succumb to sitting in a chair beside the window so I can watch for the mailman to come down the drive, and pray that my fingernails will last until it arrives...!
    Good luck to all of you, and merry christmas!

  9. by   2ndcareernurse
    I had to wait almost a week for my grade...but it was worth it! Good luck to you all.
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    the wait is over, i passed first semester!