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Maybe I'm the only one, but this is bothering me enough to ask: Does anyone else feel like their nursing education has been hijacked by Microsoft PowerPoint? I feel like I sit in all of my... Read More

  1. by   agoodusername
    Ok, so this seems to be a HUGE issue...

    ...what can we do about it?!

    We're obviously smart enough to figure this out if nursing school is boring us...any ideas??
  2. by   augigi
    Do an online course and save the gas money!
  3. by   Kemccanha
    Quote from David's Harp
    At least you guys have blanks!

    We're lucky when there's a line of notes next to the slide. All too often, too, the professor tries to put a nifty, highly-detailed picture on a slide, one with captioning in some tiny font, and on the screen it looks great and you look down at your B&W copy and see this big ink Rorshock-style smudge that doesn't resemble the actual picture at all. Good times!
    :yeahthat: I get so bored out of my mind I find myself drifting off! Our professor takes attendance, let me tell you, if she didn't I'd be just taking my driving time and class time and studying the powerpoints at home. After all, all she's doing is reading them anyway. One more semester left for the powerpoints and I hope to never look at them again!
  4. by   EmerNurse
    Most of my instructors were the "put it on a slide and read the slide to the class" types. And we had copies of all the slide lectures at the beginning of the semester! At least I didn't have to feel guilty skipping class if I was tired (worked fulltime).

    My other pet peeve regarding PP lectures is this: PLEASE spell things correctly and use correct grammar!!! Deep down, I'm a grammar nazi (is there a 12-step for that?) but I do not let it come out except in professional communication. PP lectures presented to a class need to be done properly. Come to think of it, flyers hung up at work and emails sent by admin should also be spelled correctly and use proper grammar.

    Geez, that got off topic didn't it. LOL.
  5. by   CuriousMe
    PowerPoint is not evil, it's just a tool. The only difference between a bad lecture with powerpoint and a bad lecture without powerpoint is that with powerpoint you have a copy of the outline the prof is reading from. All things being equal, I'd rather have the copy of the information.

    I don't believe that PP makes Professors lazy. Sure, there are lazy Professors that use powerpoint.....getting the slides ahead of time just points out the folks who only read the slides out loud as a lecture. So, it could be said that PP only identifies lazy Profs.

    Personally, I love having the PP slides ahead of time. I have a tablet PC (a laptop that I can write on the screen with a stylus). So, I can import the full slides to my notebook program and write notes on the actual slide.....very helpful. I understand more in lectures if I don't have to struggle to write everything down, it seems that my brain can either listen for comprehension or write down what's said, but not PP slides work great for me.

    The other thing for me anyway is that if I'm sitting in lecture and a concept is glossed over that I don't get.....I ask questions. That generally forces the Prof to go beyond her slides.

    Oh and btw, I'm not in NS yet....just doing my prereqs....having the slides for my science classes has been great....the images in the slides are sooooo much better than my badly drawn graphics would be.

  6. by   PANurseRN1
    Quote from bethin
    I hate pp. Why even bother going to class if the professor emails you the pp lectures and then reads straight from them during class? I had one like this. No blanks, just notes and he read directly from them. I don't want to memorize, I want to learn and retain. If you memorize you hold that info for a short time. I like to hold my info for longer periods.

    Why bother? Because that may be the day the instructor relates information not on the PP presentation that would be useful.

    I honestly don't understand this mentality of not going to class. Exchanges of ideas and questions happen in class. Leaving all that aside, if you don't even have the self-discipline to go to class, maybe nursing isn't the right profession for you.

    The future of nursing is looking mighty scary lately.
  7. by   StudentNurseAbby
    Does anyone else feel like their nursing education has been hijacked by Microsoft PowerPoint?
    Absolutely! THANK YOU!

    I'm so frustrated with nursing school for this very reason. I've had to adapt my note taken and study habits around foolish Power Point lectures and it's been VERY challenging for me.
  8. by   JeanettePNP
    OMG this describes my cell bio class to a T. Pretty much 75% of the class has stopped going to lectures; I always do a double take at exam time to see how full the room is! She also does not speak English very well so if there's any deviance from her scripted lesson she can't really formulate an explanation. I'm also appalled by her ignorance of basic science - she tried to use photosynthesis as an example of matter created out of energy--huh? And insisted that there's no difference between enthalpy and entropy.

    Quote from BlueEyedRN
    Oh my gosh, I hated PowerPoint. I remember when teachers first started using it when I was a freshman in college and I wanted to strangle Microsoft for it back then. Teachers have gotten so lazy! A lot of my teachers would just make an outline of the textbook chapter, read it out loud to us, and call it a lecture. The only teacher I actually remember stuff from was the one who didn't use powerpoint at all (thanks heavens that was med/surg). All of the other teachers would make fun of her because she "obviously didn't know how to use a computer." It was always the PowerPoint teachers who wouldn't be able to answer a question. Sooo evil.
  9. by   nurseabc123
    Quote from agoodusername
    Maybe I'm the only one, but this is bothering me enough to ask:

    Does anyone else feel like their nursing education has been hijacked by Microsoft PowerPoint?

    I feel like I sit in all of my senior lectures and am fed notes-page after notes-page of fill-in-the-blank format PowerPoint-ed information. My brain isn't required to think about anything besides listening at the moment when my professor says the next "blank," so that I can quickly fill it in and get back to la-la land. If the notes are handed to me/e-mailed to me before class and all that I am doing is filling in the blanks and listening to the professor READ, yes READ exactly what is on the page before me for two straight hours...what is the point?! I usually end up teaching myself all of the info for tests/practice, and although I'm doing well on exams...I feel like I'm paying A LOT of money to teach myself nursing.

    I used to think that I was studying at a very reputable nursing school, and everywhere I have worked -- in clinical, externships and all healthcare fields in the area -- I've heard nothing but positive feedback about the nurses that come out of my program. But most days, I feel like I'm back in junior-high before I learned how to take notes (even in high school it wasn't this bad)....or even worse, bored in church, filling in preacher-made outlines just to pass the time.

    This is just silliness and I'm not sure what to do about it. Anyone experience similar brain-numbing, bored-out-of-your-mind fill in the blank lectures??
    I wish that were the case! We do problem-based learning (PBL) and everything is case studies. By the end of the semester, I have successfully taken probably about 5 pages of notes total. Basically we are just quizzed off the text. Power points would be much easier.
  10. by   cherokeesummer
    I like the power point to some extent but I get frustrated when the teachers don't add to it. If they just read verbatim then I can do that at home. The teachers I prefer are the ones that add to each slide with more detail or a story/scenario that gives an example.
  11. by   jjjoy
    Powerpoint wasn't in such mass usage when I went to NS, but I still found many lectures to be pointless in terms of education. In school, they kept harping on us to "use your critical thinking skills" yet never engaged them during class.

    Lectures essentially glossed over the hundreds of pages assigned for that week. Physiological problem and cursory pathophys, signs and symtoms, diagnostic tests, medical treatment, nursing care, patient education; repeat ad nauseum. For all of that, they almost never related any real-life nursing experience with these conditions and types of patients. Questions were limited to "course content" in other words, any questions not answered specifically in the book wasn't answered. I learn just fine by reading so found lectures to be a waste of time, but mandatory to pass.

    I ran across courses like this in other fields. I hated any of those 100+ classes where the lecture might as well be on videotape for all the interaction you got by being class (just the added distraction of noisy classmates, an uncomfortable seat and a ridiculously small desk surface). Nursing school was frustrating in that it seemed that every "applied" nursing class was that way. It's like they had so much content to cover to prepare students for the NCLEX and to meet whatever course content regulations there may be to be certified as a nursing school that practical information was almost never covered.
  12. by   Chaoticdreams33
    Personally I like the powerpoint lectures IF the instructer know how to do a good pp presentation. By good I mean that they are not just reading what is on the slide. I think when they prepare slides as an outline to what they are going to discuss, it works, because then we have the outline and we listen and take notes on the details. just my opinion.
  13. by   CinnScorpStudent
    To me, powerpoint is the worst possible way to learn material. It might be great for that "nintendo" crowd but I don't see why I should bother to attend a single lecture when all they do is read the slides I've already read and then hand out a multiple choice test we're supposed to spit out information my opinion (and history shows this well) people learned much better when a professor came into lecture, grabbed a piece of chalk (or dry erase, that's acceptable) and started scribbling at a HUMAN pace (not clicking through slides) and when something wasn't understood, you'd see a few hands....lecture stops, questions are asked / answered then you move on. Case in point, last quarter had a prof that used nothing but dry erase, every lecture, not ONE powerpoint slide. She skipped parts of the book material that simply wasn't relevant to her tests and concentrated on real problem solving...ACED the final exam with 100% (go me!) sequence of class (II) new prof....ALL powerpoint slides, 6 hours worth so far just to cover what I just aced on that final exam, there were over 90 slides, (ok....what's important here....was like watching an infomercial) and a quiz given at the end...the quiz was multiple choice, I was totally LOST !!! Now, how can I get a B on material that I had just recieved previously the ONLY 100% in my entire class on a comprehensive exam that was all problem solving, NO multiple choice in a classical setting to getting a B on a fricken' multiple choice test where TONS of material (about 7 slides out of the 90 were even relevant to the quiz) was thrown at me?

    Seems to me, this is an online class that you MUST attend in person just to have a body there to be paid to teach one how to repeat (not THINK or LEARN) about the information being presented....I'm highly disappointed at the lack of cohesiveness in the department for allowing one professor to teach true thinking skills (and I learned a lot last quarter) and another to just blow off what should be their JOB and present this useless crap!

    Powerpoint education is furthering the dumbing down of education, catering to the lowest common denomenator in classes. My "B" by the way was far above the class average...low C's...unreal ! They call this college these days? Give me the old school type and a hot mug of coffee and I'm ready to go, powerpoint is lazy, disorganized teaching at best, at worst it confuses those of us that wish to actually learn what our subject matter is instead of just passing tests.