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This might be fun. You all know the different types of nursing students you go to school with. For instance: The guy student who has the palm pilot with all the latest programs, which he plays... Read More

  1. by   nurseshawna
    I think ugly girls need to get over themselves
    wow, that is nice!! attitude anyone?
  2. by   bigmona
    Quote from nursepru
    How about the student that knows at least one person per disease. Conversation would go like this: Teacher: "Now we're going to learn exactly how [insert disease here] is inherited or contracted. Student: "My neighbor's, brother-in-law's, sister's, husband had that."

    I love it! Never fails, everytime this person knows someone who had whatever we are talking about.
    yes! or the student who manages to turn every topic back to herself even if it's totally irrelevant. we had one in our class who managed to make EVERY lecture somehow relate to her pregnancies years and years ago. thankfully she dropped out pretty early.
  3. by   RNinProgress
    How about the very humble dude who sits in the back and never speaks unless called on, but is able to correctly answer every single questions asked? And you look at him in amazement and wonder just how much information the human brain can hold. No jealousy, just pure admiration.

    Followed by the student who has experienced everything and knows it all (in their opinion), but can never answer a question correctly. However, believes that his/her answer is right and the instructor is wrong-- every time. ALWAYS shouts out an incorrect answer, then argues it's correctness. Groan.....

    Or the student who has life hit her hard, but never complains or looks for sympathy? Contrast with the student who brings drama into her life and expects everyone to pityher?

    Isn't nursing school FUN? You learn just as much about personality as you do about nursing.
  4. by   RNinProgress
    ooh, I forgot one!

    The student who has the faculty wrapped around their little finger. The one that the faculty chooses to represent the school whenever there is an opportunity, who manages to get their way no matter how many other students it impacts, the one who knows they've got the faculty in their back pocket and loves every minute of it. Who will eat their young to look good in the eyes of the faculty?

    And everyone sees it except for those ever-so-smart faculty members?
  5. by   BSNgrad2004
    what bout my friend who falls asleep every lecture and still manages to get an A in the class?
  6. by   BabyRN2Be
    Quote from BSNgrad2004
    no offense , but how bout the nursing students who go out for a smoke break immediately following the respiratory lecture on lung cancer, emphysema, and the like.
    Ohhh... good grief! I know it happens and that quitting smoking is hard, but I'd think I'd be scared enough to just go out and breathe rush hour traffic much less smoke!
  7. by   twintoo
    How about the student that was in for a semester last year but flunked out so he came back this year. He knows all about "colon resectionectomies", "comadon" (Coumadin), and "hot taps", even when the teacher has no clue what they are talking about.
  8. by   studentnurse74
    Quote from belladelicious
    Just b/c a girl looks good and dresses nicely, doesn't mean she's in it to marry a doctor. I think ugly girls need to get over themselves.
    And just because you don't dress nice all the time with makeup like Liz Taylor doesn't mean you're ugly.
  9. by   studentnurse74
    How about the guy who WON'T SHUT UP, every time the teacher is lecturing, he has to to make comments/ask questions, needs more detail, etc., asking about things that are irrelevant to testing material, so everyone has 10 minutes wasted from class?! :angryfire
  10. by   ManEnough
    Let's not forget the girl who has her nose so far up every teacher's a** that she can smell their sigmoid colons!
  11. by   southerngirl
    You know there Uncle, Aunt, Dad, Mom has the same situation. So out of the kindness of the teacher's heart we listen to their I've been there story. By the end of the semester its please don't raise your hand. We understand there is someone in your family who has this condition........ Gotta love them. They have no idea everyone is ready to strangle them. :chuckle
  12. by   Gampopa
    How about the student who has no idea what's due or when it's due let alone what class their sitting in or when the next test is or what day it is or .. oh wait, that's me!
  13. by   orrnlori
    Oh, I just thought of another one:

    The Warner - The warner stops by your table in the eatery, he is one year ahead of you in nursing school. You and your friends from class are eating, studying and quizzing each other, but he can't just say hi, he stops, shakes his head, takes a deep sigh as he looks over your shoulder at your notes and states "You all are never gonna make it." and then strolls off