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I mean SMOKING !!!!!!!!!!! I know this has nothing to do with Nursing School for most people...but for me it does. 1.I start NS in August...will be working less So I wont be able to afford... Read More

  1. by   Lovely_RN
    Good morning LeesG! Congrats on making it almost 24 hours w/o a cigarette. You are doing really well. I had a similar experience with the nicotine patch when I wore it at night. I would have the craziest dreams and I would wake up all sweaty and feeling anxious. I stopped wearing it at night and the problem stopped. Try to stay busy and when you make 24 hours do something special for yourself to mark the occasion.
  2. by   LeesG
    WHEW !!! Hanging in there by a string...but still no smoking, it has consumed MANY of my thoughts today though.
    I did schedule clinicals today, recieved my 2nd choice and only have to travel about 15 miles, in addition child care should be an issue with my Fall schedule as I will be able to take and pick up my daughter at school with the exception of two afternoons ( will get my mom) so it went well.
    I was SO happy when I left the office, as I walked out the door into the daylight BOOM !!! it hit me like a brick ...I needed a smoke and I think I may have tackled a person smoking ! Thankfully I saw no one, and I walked really fast to the car and took a DEEP breathe as I got in. THen I started the car and without even thinking started looking in the glove box and what not for maybe an old pack with 1 in it...lolololololol...I can laugh now, as I sit here imagining myself looking for a smoke frantically, as if I may die !! Happy to report there were none in the car, NOR DID I DIE !!!
    Went to the store and got the fixing's for a BIG pot of chilli ( did not buy smokes) and have been cooking and cleaning this afternoon. I would LOVE a glass of wine...BUT, that will make me want to smoke, so Chilli and Kool-aid it is !!!
    EXCITING NIGHT HUH ?? Yeah for me !!!!
  3. by   Scooter321
    The patch gave me the most incredibly vivid dreams. I have never known anything like it before or since. I can still remember in detail a couple of them, and they were years ago! If it's a fun dream, all well and good. If not though--look out. When I dreamed my daughter had been kidnapped and then found murdered I awoke sobbing and was actually deeply sad and upset for weeks afterwards. So vivid. So scary. But taking the patch off before sleep did the trick--no more terrifying nightmares (no more fun/fantasy dreams either though, but it wasn't worth the trade off).
  4. by   LeesG
    LONG DAY !!! Thank Goodness I work tomorrow and will more to think about than this !

    Took patch off an hour ago....Did well, didnt smoke at all since yesterday at 11 AM,but feel a little ODD,not sure why,a little proud of myself..a little sad...and just plain OFF, lots of mixed emotion I cant place, Im sure tommorow will be better, Still feeling determind though.

    A little story, I went to the store and when I went to check out the cashier who usually waits on me said
    " Do you need a pack of smokes today ?" and I said " Oh, no thank you, I dont smoke"


    one day at a time right
  5. by   ghillbert
    Seriously, the best thing I can advise any smoker or ex-smoker who wants to quit or stay quit, is to get the book "Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking". Both of my parents stopped smoking after 35 years after attending an Allen Carr seminar. My brother and I also stopped after the seminar. I have sent so many people there, or given them the book and it is like magic. Really. Even if you think you're good for now, read the book and you'll truly understand why you smoke/d, and why it's easy to stop.
  6. by   djsreese
    Just wanted to give a bit of advice on your already successful result becoming a non smoker. I too was a smoker for sometime beginning in my early teens, I was what my husband dubbed an "in the closet" smoker since the kids had no idea and I would go to great lengths to ensure my secret. It was not until he began to make attempts to "out" me to the children that I really began to question my habit. I found it necessary to hide the nasty habit because I didn't want them to smoke, I realized why is it okay to contaminate my body but do all I could to stop my children from doing it, is my life not as valuable? do I not regard myself as much as I did them? The answer is yes I do, and I prayed and asked God to help me, remove the desire and craving altogether, I really begin to get nauseated at the smell of them, of course there were times when my flesh wanted to smoke but that horrible nausea would always return. I have been smoke free for over 4 yrs now and I am really thankful because I can now tell my children the dangers of smoking and not feel like a hypocrite in doing so.

    I wish you the best of luck, and really enjoyed reading your posts, so continue posting your progress. And remember it is not your falling but your getting up that matters most.....
  7. by   LeesG
    WOW...3 days and counting. I had a good day since I was at work, busy and had no chance to smoke anyway.
    Right after work wasnt easy, so I pulled into the mall to waste some time and got a hair cut that I desperatly needed but never seemed to have the money for, HOWEVER at 6 bucks apack I always seemed to find the $ for smokes, ( note to self to evalute that ! )

    Now that im home Im trying to stay busy, but its hard not to walk down the street to the store and buy cigarettes. I have a few watchdogs in my house rooting me on, so that helps. I didnt tell anyone but them and here that I was trying to quit. Last time I tried and I told everyone and people would always ask me " So, how are you doing ? " I know they meant well but I wanted to yell " How the **** do you think im doing ? I SUCK ! "
    Although I didnt say that, I did feel that way. So this time Ive only told a few people, and I feel better.
    I washed a bunch of my sweatshirts and coats so the smoke smell was off of them, and I got an air freshener for my car. Oh ...and I look hot with the new haircut !!!!

    Thats as far as I have gotten...taking it slow

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  9. by   Leomom
    I'm also a smoker so I know how you feel. One of my goals for this sumer is to quit. I was able to get Chantix & started it on Wednesday so I'm only on day 4 but it's curbed the want for the smoke now I just have to break the physical act. Pfiezer offers a program where if you qualify they will pay for your script. That's how I got it, the full 3 months supply for free cause there was no way I could afford to pay for it myself. Good luck with quitting.
  10. by   HumorHeals22
    Each time I took a puff I would visualize the smoke effecting every square inch of my body, organs, and lungs. Once you realize you're inhaling chemicals, and SMOKE none the less, it's easy.

    Keep yourself busy (which NS will) get a support group. And give yourself a break, you'll mess up it happens. But remember each time you quit, and relapse, you're that much closer to doing it for good. Good luck!