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I swear that is all I can think about lately is going to nursing school. I am so glad I have managed to juggle things so I can most likely go for the August term because I don't think I could hold... Read More

  1. by   abby27
    I'm getting married Dec 28th and all I can think about is if I will get into the nursing schools that I'm applying for. As if I don't have enough to worry about !!!!!

  2. by   missionnurse
    You aren't the only one! We are all a bit obsessed! But I don't think any of us would make it through the stress of school without being obsessive about it!

    Don't worry once you really get into it, you will long for the day when you can just go to work and not have to go to school all the time. The obsession changes, but it doesn't stop!

    I think it will make us all better nurses! My teachers always tell us that the best nurse is an anal, obsessive one, so I guess we're on our way!

    My husband laughs about this BB, because once I get on it I can't get off of it! I'm addicted! Or shall I say obsessed!!

    Remember the obsession when you are halfway through!!! And when the excitement starts to wane, come here for some cheering up!!! That's how I am making it!!
  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    teresa, congratulations on the soon arrival of your new baby!
  4. by   kavi
    I most definitely agree. I am completely obsessed. I'm glad I'm not alone.

    Everyone keeps asking me why I've "dropped off the face of the earth" but I'm totally absorbed and focussed. Between the textbooks, the web sites, the cd's--I just want to know more and more. And then there's this board. I'm glad it is here, because no one else seems to understand. But we're in this together...
  5. by   luluann
    Originally posted by NurseChic81
    I'm so glad I'm not alone in this. I'm excited, but so scared at the same time. Its so good to know that I can come here and vent, though.

    I have to agree with all of you....I start nursing classes in January! Very excited, but also VERY scared. I just hope that I can find time to fit it all in with my kids and a husband who is gone for work all the time. I think I worry about that more than anything. Thanks to all of you fellow students for your continued support and encouragement. You are what keeps me motivated!!! Lisa